Shhh! Health, Beauty & Wellness Secrets From Around The World

I would like to let you in on a few secrets that our team has collected from health, beauty and wellness experts around the world

Julien Farel, Chairman,  Restore Salon & Spa at Loews Regency Hotel

  • I have been eating an apple a day for over 30 years and it is true that it keeps the doctor away.  I exercise 6 days a week and never call out sick even when my daughters catch a cold
  • You can have the best haircut in the world, but if your hair isn’t healthy, it won’t reach its fullest potential.  That is why I created my hero product, Julien Farel Restore (  This cleanse, treat, condition formula re-activates hair’s life force, feeding it the most potent fusion of revitalizing ingredients proven for optimal health and youthfulness.  Use this twice a week in place of your shampoo and conditioner to ensure the strength, body, silkiness and shine for more youthful-looking hair
  • It is important to de-stress and unwind in a serene environment.  I always recommend that my clients get a massage once a month to give them a chance to escape New York City for an hour.  This allows the stress of work and personal to melt away for a moment.  We created an invigorating massage called the Power Massage ( that is the perfect way to charge up for a busy day or night
  • Sometimes, going on vacation isn’t as relaxing as you think.  It is packed with site-seeing, dinners and nights of drinking.  My secret recipe for an action-packed vacation without sacrificing your health is to swallow a spoon of olive oil before drinking.  This will leave you feeling hangover free in the morning so you can hit the gym.  Then get a detoxifying facial ( to rid your skin of toxins and nourish your dehydrated skin

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Chiara Campo, Spa Manager at Grand Hotel Tremezzo,Lake Como

  • Wake up – Always eat within an hour of waking up, otherwise your body will become stressed. Every day, upon awakening, drink one glass of water with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime and a pinch of Himalayan salt. There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries
  • The 1 minute body trick – Every single morning, dry body brush yourself all over. It will significantly improve tone, helping to banish cellulite and boost cell renewal. Start at your feet and brush in light sweeps in the direction of your heart. Your Skin Tone has never been so dramatic
  • Prepare to sparkle –Eyes have tales to hide and truths to tell and are always features of rare beauty. Ensure yours look clear, refreshed, bright and endlessly cared for. Product solution: ESPA Stage Release Eye Moisturiser. It uses natural encapsulation technology to deliver intelligent microspheres of powerful actives over 8 hours to target the appearance of lines and wrinkles, whilst hydrating, brightening and safeguarding firmness and elasticity
  • The Darker, the better –Fruits and vegetables are all good for you but as a general rule, the darker, such as kale and spinach, the better. Dark fruits tend to have very thin skin, so they need to produce more antioxidants to protect themselves from the sun. The next time you have a sweet craving, eat some in-season thin-skinned fruit, such as  berries, apples, pears, cherries or green grapes

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Veronica Nagliatti, Director of Spa & Fitness at Thompson Miami Beach

  • Wash your face before and after your workout – Not only does full-on foundation look silly when you’re working out, body heat causes pores to dilate and prompts your skin to produce extra oil. With makeup in the mix, you have a recipe for acne. Wash your face with a salicylic acid cleanser before you work out to clear pores of makeup and debris that can cause acne when combined with sweat and bacteria. If possible, do not wear foundation or colour cosmetics when you exercise…and always cleanse your face again after exercising – I love Luzern Absolut Serum with salicylic acid for post-workout acne protection

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Ms. Desak Made Sri Ambarwati, Spa Manager at The Nam Hai, Vietnam 

  • Benefits of a massage –Stress has become a part of our everyday lives and experts estimate more than 90% of diseases are stress- related.Amassage is one of the ways to manage stress. Not only does regular massage improve blood circulation and provide relief from muscular aches and pains, it enhances sleep quality, increase energy level, reduces anxiety and even improve concentration levels.

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Laura De La Rosa, Spa Director atThe Setai, Miami Beach

  • Trend –Due to the big boom in social fitness, working out and eating healthy is trendier than ever. This means that you have a lot more fitness options that are catered to each individuals own liking. From Barre Fitness Classes, Crossfit, to free park yoga classes, the options are endless. I suggest trying out a few options so that you may find one that you enjoy and that you can make part of your weekly routine. Once you find something that you enjoy doing it will no longer feel like “work” during your workout
  • Trend – Many big name designers are coming up with chic fitness wear that you can even wear out to run your errands. I suggest buying a couple of pieces that fit your style and wear them out to do errands; once you have your active wear on it encourages you to be active and do a fitness class.
  • Detox with a Fennel Fusion Tea – This tea will not only give your metabolism a boost but will also aid in your slimming process and ease the digestion process. Composed of 95% organic fennel leaves and 5% seaweed. Seaweed contains Algal Polyphenols & Carotenoids which have proven to be powerful anti-oxidants.

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Buchinger Wilhelmi, Überlingen

  • If possible, always use organically grown foodstuffs –Wholegrain bread, rice, pasta & co. have a positive impact on blood sugar levels as well as supplying minerals and vitamins. Cold-pressed oils from nuts and seeds are ideal for preparing raw vegetable salads and guarantee the supply of essential fatty acids
  • Therapeutic fasting is a fundamental preventive measure to maintain our health and promote the body’s own regulatory potential at all levels. It is also an effective treatment for illness. Therapeutic fasting in the context of classical naturopathic medicine can be seen on one hand as a fundamental therapeutic measure that is the starting point for a long-term therapy and on the other as an integrative part of a holistic treatment concept that comprises the person as a whole in all his or her dimensions.

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Celeste Berman, Spa Assistant Manager at Rancho Valencia, San Diego

  • Wake up with water – My health tip is to start your day with a room temp or warm glass of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it. Drink this first thing to alkalize your body, re-hydrate, and clean out the build-up of toxins.

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Rosa Sancho, Spa Manager at Asia Gardens, Alicante

  • Strike a pose – Starting the day with a few simple asanas (yoga poses), followed by 10 minutes of meditation, guarantees a firm body, a stable mind and a benevolent spirit
  • Lock in moisture – Nourish your skin daily after showering, using lotions or oils will give elasticity to the skin keeping it firm and pretty. Use Kama Ayurveda oils for noticeable results
  • Heat it up – Add hot broths to your diets which will help the body maintain a proper body temperature

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Aude Koch, Director of the Spa at La Mamounia, Marrakech

  • Daily vitamins –drink carrot or ginger juice with a touch of lemon in the morning to top up on vitamins and stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Wise choices –snack on dried fruit when your energy levels are low to give yourself a healthy boost
  • Dare to wear – Dress yourself in colours that will give you energy and joy

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Mami Fujiwara, Head Therapist at  Palace Hotel Tokyo, Japan

  • Fancy footwork – Soak your feet in lavender or rosemary to improve blood circulation and cypress to rid of swelling
  • Treat yourself – At Evian SPA TOKYO, the Vitalising Signature treatment is one of the most popular ones because it restores the body’s balance. Having it on a regular basis actually changes the body’s make up so that it does not tire as easily
  • Sequence is key – The order in which you consume food is important in lessening the absorption of calories. Start with vegetables & fruits before moving on to proteins…and then to carbohydrates. By taking in vegetable enzymes at the beginning of meals, your metabolism will increase – which is great for detoxification

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The Spa Team at Gstaad PalaceSwitzerland

  • Ultimate body – Start your new year with a Body Slimming Massage by Cinq Mondes using Crème Minceur Udvartana® or try the Oxy Sculpt & Slim body treatment by Ivo Pitanguy to ensure an incredible figure in 2015

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