So Pure Skincare Detox Charcoal Mask

I’ve been using the Detox Charcoal mask by So Pure Skincare this week and my gosh its excellent! It’s such a joy to use, you take a spoon of it and mix with same amount of water, then mix with a brush and apply to clean skin, relax for ten minutes or so till its dry, wipe off and there you go, perfectly cleaned skin!

The mask contains activated charcoal (for its excellent detox qualities – acts like a magnet, removing dirt and impurities), Sandalwood powder, organic eucalyptus oil (fab for an oily skin, kills bacteria) and the last magic ingredient is raw organic cocoa powder! This gives the skin a huge dose of magnesium and smells amazing on!  I loved how frothy this mask became after you mix it and it feels SO nice when brushed on to the skin.

I adore this product so much and in fact, am off to go have a bath and apply some now!

Priced at £16.00 for 50grams