Green People Age Defy Cream Cleanser

Green People have a lovely new range called ‘Age Defy’ which is for people who are concerned with their skin losing its youthful-ness (is that even a word?) So that means its perfect for people my age. I’m 38 this year eeek and wowzers have I noticed big changes in my skin in the last few years. My face is definitely starting to move south!

Green People’s Age Defy cream cleanser is gorgeous to use. It’s SO rich and creamy and has  a lovely fresh scent of cranberry, hibiscus, rose hip and pomegranate.  It’s jam packed with organic essential oils such a mandarin, lemon, cinnamon bark, ylang ylang,. The cleanser achieves its creaminess from shea butter and also contains aloe vera for its soothing qualities. It’s really like food for the skin!

It has 91% organic ingredients and most of those are also fair trade.

It really is a super lovely cleanser to use – its very comforting on the skin, smells great and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh but not stripped. At my age, cream cleansers generally are so much nicer on the skin.

Sounds like one of their other new products, the Age Defy Soft Skin Buff  would be a perfect match for this cleanser.

Check out this cleanser here:

RRP £24.95 for 150 mls