New Skin Care Brand – Face Theory

facetheory launched this week and it is a very different, British skincare brand which operates solely from Via an online customer questionnaire, facetheory offers a three step personal skincare routine that will offer better results than a traditional ‘pick and mix’ product approach.


Facetheory believe that this fresh and innovative ‘skincare that’s personal” formula will a huge hit with the UK consumer. Comprising of cleansers, a toning mist, and moisturising face creams for all skin types, (including a night cream and anti-aging moisturiser), facetheory aims to change the skincare world by offering a proven beauty routine using only skin-friendly paraben-free ingredients. Whilst its not a 100% natural range, there are only a tiny amount of ingredients that are not naturally based.  We’ve chosen ingredients that are as safe as possible on the skin that still give good results.

The continued and growing fascination with the beauty and skincare industry in the UK will ensure that facetheory and its revolutionary new skincare products and concept will be a huge success.

Starting from £12.50, all facetheory products can be found at All sample sizes are available from £2 now at