The Ethos Behind SkinGenius – One of the UK’s Best Ranges For Oily and Troublesome Skins

I absolutely adore this range, the products are fantastic! From the very first use, I fell in love with this range that are not just for teenagers! I’m nearly 39 and have hormonal problem skin, with many break outs and always am on the look out for products that really work to keep my spots at bay. SkinGenius does that in a way that happens very quickly.

The ingredients listed on the back are impressive, each product is jammed with herbs, essential oils and other plant based ingredients, whilst nothing nasty is added. The scents of the products, especially the Clarifying lotion (it’s star product!) is ahhhhmazing. So uplifting and citrus-y, it really gives you a lift when you use it, not to mention that it seems to help the skin look better over night.  I adore the foaming mousse cleanser and the moisturiser is great to. If you had to buy one product though, go for the clarifying lotion as I think it does the most ‘magic’ and is certainly a long lasting product as the container is huge!

A Very Highly recommended range! Anna Rodgers 

About SkinGenius

As a Homeopath, mum of two teenage girls with troublesome skin and having had some past success creating natural skincare products, you’d have thought creating a range of teenage facial skincare would come naturally to me in more ways than one.
In fact, it took three years’ research, several trials and some tribulations to bring SkinGenius to life after the initial conversation I had with my friend and beautician Julia Vearncombe. We were chatting about the number of teenagers and concerned parents we were both seeing who were disillusioned by the artificial ‘chemical soups’ sold to supposedly help clear up teenage skin problems, alleviate acne and calm angry and infected skin.

Hilery Dorrian co founder of SkinGenius

Hilery Dorrian Co Founder of SkinGenius

The fact of the matter is, there wasn’t an effective natural solution widely available at an affordable price.
Julia asked me if I wanted to work with her to create a teenage skincare range. I didn’t need much convincing: there was a clear need for a natural skincare solution for teenagers so we got to work on creating SkinGenius.
Once we had our first sample, we had no shortage of willing teenage ‘guinea pigs’ to try the formulas and the feedback from over 100 people helped us create the range you see today. One of those guinea pigs was my daughter Emily, who couldn’t wait to give it a go. She was really struggling with her skin and honestly these pictures speak for themselves.

Within a week her skin had calmed considerably. Within two weeks her spots and pimples were barely visible and within a month her skin was transformed.
Emily is far from alone – around 80% of teenagers will develop some form of acne, typically on their face, shoulders and back. Acne is primarily caused by bacteria while spots are often the result of too much oil being produced by the body as teenage hormones play havoc.


So to really have an impact on teenage trouble spots we had to devise a product that could simultaneously calm, clear and soothe troubled skin, fight the bacteria that cause acne help balance the oil production to prevent further breakouts.

Julia Vearncombe (L) and Hilery Dorrian co founders of SkinGenius

Julia Vearncombe (L) and Hilery Dorrian co founders of SkinGenius

Our SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion is packed with great ingredients but the key ones are:

• Calendula which is anti-microbial and can kill bacteria that cause acne. It also helps speed the healing of the skin.
• Witch Hazel which help to reduce inflammation, calm redness in the skin and soothe sore, swollen spots. As an astringent, it reduces oil production and helps to minimise the look of pores and it’s also antiseptic so helps to fight surface bacteria.
• Mallow, extracted from its flowers and leaves, has excellent soothing and emollient properties leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.
• Agrimony is a herb that helps to heal wounds, reduce swelling and redness and prevent pimples.
• Berberis Aquifolium/Oregon Grape contains a compound called berbamine which kills the bacteria that contribute to acne. It also improves immune function which helps the body fight back against the bacteria that are causing the acne.


Star Product! SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion

Quite apart from getting the active ingredients right, we had to get the smell right. We decided on a citrus scent which is refreshing, zesty and liked by boys and girls. We also wanted it to be easy to use: you simply push the pump once to dispense the right amount of product, massage it into the skin for a minute and that’s it. All done. No cotton wool pads, flannels, rinsing off or messing about. One pump, ‘No Junk’ and no fuss.
It’s early days but feedback has already been really encouraging. We’re also hearing that mums are pinching SkinGenius to help manage breakouts and they’re also buying our SkinGenius Moisturiser which is rich in nut oils to soften the skin, manage excess sebum production and calm inflammation caused by acne or monthly break outs.
Julia and I have come a long way since our initial concept but we’re both excited to see SkinGenius on the market now and already bringing relief to teenagers and their parents who have finally found a solution that works.
I hope it helps you too!
Love Hilery