Luxurious Organic Hand & Body Balm Launches With 99% Fairtrade Ingredients, When Standard Is Only 2-5% For Certification Of Beauty Products

Market leader in Fairtrade Beauty, The Visionary Soap Company, introduces its newest blend of hand and body balm in orange and geranium made with 99% Fairtrade certified ingredients as opposed to the standard 2-5%, and celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight.

The company’s founder and activist for Fairtrade Monica Norley says, “You only need to use 2-5% Fairtrade certified ingredients for the certification of beauty products but my vision for the industry is to raise the bar much higher. With this new product, I really want to show that you can achieve sophisticated and luxury products that are almost 100% Fairtrade and there is no need to compromise on quality. I’ve hit 99% with this product.”

This new blend is perfect as we head into spring and summer; the combination of fresh citrus orange with the luxury and warmth of geranium is an ideal, revitalising, pick me up.” The hand and body balm range is handcrafted in the UK using top-grade essential oils and made from Fairtrade certified shea butter from Ghana and Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine.

The shea butter used is from The Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society located in Bolgatanga, a poverty stricken area in the upper east region of Ghana. Akoma was established in 1998 and is comprised entirely of women working to improve their quality of life. The focus of the cooperative is to eliminate poverty for producers and to raise awareness about ethical sourcing and local production that meets world market standards. 

Unemployment is a critical issue in this area of Ghana. Collecting, processing, and selling shea nuts and shea butter is a main source of income for women in the community.  Akoma produces around 45 tonnes of shea butter a year, of which 15 tonnes is certified organic. The olive oil which gives this stunning balm its rich hydrating quality is from the Palestinian Fair Trade Producers Company. A collective of farmers producing the finest olive oil are using traditional farming methods in a fertile but politically volatile area where extended families work together in the oil’s production and who are reliant for their future on its success. 

Orange Geranium hand and body balm is £6.85 and available at Oxfam, various independent stockists throughout the UK and for wholesale distribution through Essential Trading. Or visit