Our Beginnings – Botanic Health Care’s Story

Growing up in West London, Phyllis’s career path led to a degree in Applied Biology and research into the nature of human skin cells. This scientific knowledge combined with the skincare wisdom of her grandmother laid the foundation for the future creation of Botanic Health Care.


Moving into motherhood and out of the laboratory, Phyllis went back to nature’s basics to tackle the varied skin health needs of her family; a mixed bag of eczema, sensitive and normal skin, all in need of nourishment and hydration. In her kitchen, Phyllis created body washes, moisturising skin lotions, healing creams and lip balms using vegetable derived products that replenished thirsty skin throughout the day.


In Phyllis’s mind, we need to feed our skin in the same way we feed our bodies; with wholesome, balanced foods that supply key nutrients and sustain us. So it’s no surprise that her creative process is just like cooking; choosing the right ingredients and combining the correct amount of each, before mixing and testing until the blend is just right, satisfying all of the senses.

After many hours of experimentation and regularly selling out of her home made treats at local events, Nsiah returned to her science roots to further test the therapeutic efficacy of her nature based range. She knew the products worked, thanks to the positive reviews of customers, but wanted to create a precise formula so that each and every batch would be as good as the last. With the process refined, every drop of herbal extract and precious oil has a tried and tested purpose in the Botanic Health Care range, providing skin with the natural balance it craves thanks to the synergy of naturally derived ingredients. And they smell good too!

The Botanic Health Care range provides comprehensive protection for the whole family through three skin care systems NESSkin Therapy helps to soothe acne and eczema prone skin. This collection also features a selection of protecting lip balms, including an anti-viral version to help prevent cold sores.


For thirsty skin in need of hydration, there’s Body Botanics. The range maintains skin health with a moisturising skin tonic, cleansing crème, skin wash, skin crème and vegetable soaps. Our young customers have their own kind and gentle range; Baby Botanics is approved for use on babies with products made with whole and precious oils.



About the ingredients:

All the products are formulated using either whole natural or derived from natural ingredients, with the exception of the full spectrum preservative combination that was chosen for its gentle but effective properties; all other preservatives are food grade, and our balms preservative free.