Danish Beauty Brands – luxurious & eco friendly

Rudolph Care

The Danish organic skincare brand, Rudolph Care, was founded in 2009 by Andrea Elizabeth Rudolph.
In 2006 she was attending one of Greenpeace’s campaigns about chemicals found in the body, when she was found to be positive for numerous, harmful toxins in the blood. Despite the fact that she was the youngest of the eight participants she was the one with the largest number of toxins. 

This was an eye opener; she thought she had been using the best (and most expensive) beauty products for years. After this experience she felt compelled to launch her unique label of high quality beauty products, made from only the purest organic and non-toxic ingredients. It was important for her that her brand didn’t compromise people’s health or the environment in any way. 

Rudolph Care was the first Danish brand to be given French Ecocert-certification, meaningthat the products are all environmentally and eco-friendly. This is ensured by thorough testing from raw material to finished product. 

I recently tested a selection of Rudolph Care’s products, and very conveniently I used their travel kit “Essentials to go” while I was travelling for a few months in Southeast Asia. I also tried their award winning facial and body oils containing the nutritious acai berry from the Amazon rainforest, and they definitely lived up to all my expectations. The travel kit was perfect for travelling; the facial mist is a good refresher, especially in warm climates and the facial cream is a light moisturizer with a natural scent and is not too oily.

My absolute favorite product was the amazing body oil, which was such a soothing experience and also easily absorbed into the skin. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend massage me with this delicious oil and it felt great on my skin. The product has a soft scent of acai berry which is an essential ingredient for all their products and is known to be an excellent source for skin rejuvenation, among its many other properties.
The rest of their ingredients consist of organic olive oil, jojoba and almond oil.

The Anti aging facial oil made with the purest ingredients has definitely helped me to repair and regenerate my skin more than any other product I have used. It is excellent at moisturizing the skin and absorbs really well. The oil left my face soft and moisturized without any oily residue or unnatural shine.
Upon my return to the cold temperatures of Europe after being in the tropics for a few months, my skin felt really dry due to the weather change, but using this oil for a few days made a huge difference to my skin. This amazing product cost £85 for 15ml and is a perfect gift. You can find Rudolph Care’s products in a selection of Whole Foods stores in London or contact Rudolph Care for more information. (www.rudolphcare.dk)


Qua Organic

Qua Organic launched a natural, organic skincare brand in Copenhagen in 2011. Casper Janns, who is the founder behind the brand, had a strong vision of creating a new series of beauty products with focus on the organic side of skin care, but without compromising on effectiveness, results and pure pleasure. Qua Organic has been awarded French Ecocert certification and has become a fashionable and well-known skincare product internationally.

The unique stylish packaging and all the fine details make Qua Organic stand out as a luxury and creative product. Symbols and different colors define the products and what they are used for. Each product has a little quote that brings out a certain emotion or feeling which contribute to the experience they aim to offer.

A green line with a drop indicates that it is a cleaning product, a blue line and two drops shows that the product is for exfoliation or tinting and a purple stripe with three drops means that the product treats and moisturizes the skin. Pastel colors are for the body and bright colors are for the face. This is a unique way of indicating each individual product and their purpose.

I had an instant “wow” experience after using their Macadamia & Jojoba Body Cream. It was the best body lotion I have ever tried; the scent is amazing and the texture makes you feel as though you’ve been wrapped up in delicate, natural scents leaving your skin soft for many hours after. 

Their Anti Aging Wrinkle Minimizing Face Cream is an innovative formula that has a very soft texture and feels light, yet deeply moisturizing. The main ingredients in this serum consist of organic Aloe barbadensis leaf juice. This luxurious cream stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers, moisturizes and smoothes signs of aging. 

Qua Omega 3+6 Synergy Face Serum  is an excellent serum  made from active ingredients of organic and natural origin, the formula includes the finest certified organic oils, sage, vitamin E and omega 3+6.
I found it very soothing on my skin and when I applied it before the anti aging face cream my skin felt moisturized for hours.

Qua Organic facial and body care products cost between £20-£55 and you can buy them online at www.nelly.com or for more information visit their website www.quaorganic.com



Tromborg was established in 2005 by the well known Danish make-up artist Marianne Tromborg. She had a strong vision of creating a beauty product that was simple and luxurious, yet natural and organic.  She does claim herself that a natural, organic beauty product is not a guarantee for total non-toxic ingredients but she is very careful in selecting the best quality ingredients for all her skincare and make-up products.

Her vision is to make her customers feel pampered and to awaken their senses therefore she has developed a brand using unique ingredients such us “Organically grown Lavender” & “Rose petals”.

In my experience, after testing Tromborg Professional Make Up for the last few months, their mineral foundation is really one of the best mineral powders I have ever tried. It covers the skin with a pearl veil, without leaving a make-up look. They come in six different color shades and you can buy them as pressed powder as well.

Their “Lipstick Jumbopen” comes in beautiful natural shades of rose, red and beige and has a soft texture which makes it really easy to apply.
 The “Natural Active Eye Power” is an eyebrow pen that perfectly combines make-up and skincare because of its nutritious ingredients. It contains active ingredients that help to smooth fine lines and are super moisturizing, while natural plant based moisture provides softness and comfort. 

I found that they use around 85 % natural ingredients in their products. They do use the following ingredients: Bisabolol,Polybutene and Myristyl Alcohol, but they are in accordance with EWG’s database (www.ewg.org/skindeep/) and are considered to be on the low scale of harmful ingredients. 

Tromborg’s products can be found at www.e-beautyshop.com. Or for more information visit their website www.tromborg.com