Neutralise Skin Stress And Build Resilience

With increased exposure, and without the right support, skin becomes stressed and reactive.

This stress causes an inflammation cascade that damages the skin. Sensitive skin, adult acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, extremely dry skin, oily skin, red/blotchy skin, irritated skin, skin with premature fine lines and wrinkles or loss of skin texture and tone are all linked to skin stress. 

How S5 Combats Skin Stress

S5 has been developed by a specialist team of natural dermatologists, and cosmetic-scientists. The certified organic, hypoallergenic treatments are uniquely engineered to reprogramme stressed skin and reverse the visible
effects. They stop the inflammation cascade that damages the skin using highly effective, clinically proven bio actives.

The latest product in the S5 range is the Resilience Mask which removes daily pollutants and impurities to normalise stressed skin and allow it to recover. This cooling peel off mask will take skin from reactive to resilient
with its key ingredients which include:

Marine Algae – including mineral rich seaweed and plant protein mucilage to absorb heavy metal ions and protect against the damaging effects of daily pollutants which stress the skin

Marine Diatomaceous Earth – the fossilised remains of hard-shelled algae are rich in trace minerals and high in silica to remove impurities from the skin

Organic rice – rich in antioxidant ferulic acid which neutralises the harmful effects of free radicals, a known factor in skin damage and therefore skin ageing. Anti-inflammatory allantoin soothes the skin and promotes its repair.

The Resilience Mask is designed to be used on top of any S5 serum to increase the penetration of the serum bioactives, further enhancing the therapeutic effect of the mask.

Laura Rudoe, founder of S5 says:

“Stressed, reactive skin is quickly caught in a cycle of inflammation which is difficult to break. Our new Resilience Mask’s gentle yet effective ingredients balance skin which is under stress. This new certified organic mask has been formulated to reprogramme hyper-reactive stressed skin, leaving it resilient, calm and clear”.

About S5

The S5 concept is a Good Ventures business, the team behind the successful premium natural skincare brand NUDE skincare. The team has over 20 years of experience in product development with specific expertise in natural and organic formulations. S5 is the first range of certified organic cosmeceuticals. All S5 products
are EcoCert certified organic and use only 100% natural active ingredients. S5 is ideal for sensitive skin and is free from Parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGS, DEA, Mineral Oil, Silicon, Propylene Glycol, GMO and synthetic fragrances. 

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Price: £36.00
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