Ingredient in the spotlight – Tomato Seed Oil

Inci nameSolanum lycopersicum

This lesser known seed oil is very rich in lycopene and antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and premature ageing.  It is a another quick penetrating yet restorative oil which promotes cell regeneration and revives the complexion.

Tomato seed oil also prevents photo ageing, tones and refines skin texture and is an excellent emollient. It softens the skin and helps maintain hydration making it suitable for many skin conditions including skin exposed to the sun and oxidative stress- pollution as well as smoking.

This precious oil has been known to stimulate the synthesis of collagen thus ensuring good skin elasticity. It is very high in vitamin E and contains over 50% of omega 6 as well as minerals such aspotassium, magnesium, phosphorus, beta carotene, lutein and  zeaxanthin.


So Pure Skincare only use 100% pure and natural, virgin, cold pressed Tomato seed oil in the following product: Ant Ageing Nutrient Elixir.