DIY Minty Foot Scrub

This DIY Foot Scrub will scrub away dead skin cells and help soften the skin on your feet. It’s also wonderfully cooling which is perfect in this hot summer weather! Follow up the foot scrub with the DIY Nail & Cuticle Oil from last month’s guest blog ( which you can also use to massage into your feet to soften them. Following this DIY foot treatment you will have gorgeous feet to show off all summer long.

You will need:

·       Large handful of fresh mint leaves

·       3 tbsp apple cider vinegar

·       2 tsbp dried milk powder

·       3 tbsp yoghurt

·       3 tbsp coarse sea salt

Finely chop the mint leaves. Mix the apple cider vinegar in with the mint leaves and leave them to infuse in the sunshine for 10 minutes. Then one by one, blend in the milk powder, yoghurt and sea salt to form your DIY foot scrub. Find a tub to put your feet in and then rub the foot scrub all over your feet, focusing in particular on the soles. Rinse off properly in the tub and pat your feet dry with a towel.

Let’s have a look at what these ingredients will do for your feet.

Mint can soothe and calm skin that’s irritated or infected. Mint contains oils that act as a natural astringent and the menthol in this herb is strongly cooling – perfect for the skin on your feet during the hot summer months.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which promotes exfoliation and helps get rid of dead skin cells. Vinegar is antiseptic, making it an ideal ingredient in your DIY foot scrub. (Never apply neat vinegar to your skin, it can act as an irritant if undiluted)

Milk and Yoghurt contain lactic acid which helps to dissolve the proteins that hold together dead skin cells, as well as gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin. These cleansing properties help make the skin soft and smooth.

Sea salt is a great exfoliator for body scrubs and works particularly well on tough skin on your feet. Sea salt is rich in minerals and is a fantastic DIY beauty ingredient.

This DIY Minty Foot Scrub will not keep as it contains no preservatives so it needs to be used as soon as you make it.

Lorraine runs Herb & Hedgerow (, an artisan herbal beauty business based in Dorset, UK. She writes for the HerbBlurb blog about herbs for beauty and the science behind natural skincare. Herb & Hedgerow sells the popular BeautyCraft app for iPhone – a beautifully illustrated recipe book with dozens of DIY natural beauty recipes. Herb & Hedgerow will soon be launching a small range of handcrafted herbal beauty products.


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