Vita Liberata – The World’s Safest Tan

Founder and CEO Alyson Hogg has continuously emphasised the importance of safe tanning – and she wasn’t just concerned with skin damaging UV rays.

Identifying the dangers of using widely available but low quality ingredients while creating her luxury tanning range, Alyson subsequently ensured that Vita Liberata tans were the first in the industry to contain no harmful toxins or preservatives.

The latest news that at-home spray tans have been recalled over fears they have caused breathing problems amongst users only enforces her concerns, “Some brands are actually selling tan for less that what it costs to manufacture Vita Liberata! So I worry about what they contain to make them so cheap.” 

Alyson had the following advice, “Avoid products with a lot of chemicals in them. Spray tans should only be done professionally. When choosing a home tan, pick the purest products without alcohol and toxins and apply them safely – Vita Liberata is an incredibly safe self-tan that contains certified organic botanicals; and with award-winning results, you can’t go wrong!” 

Not willing to compromise on results, the Vita Liberata tan range is not only completely natural, and aerosol and toxin-free, it also offers an incredible long-lasting and skin conditioning tan, every time.

The Vita Liberata tan and skincare collection is available from, Boots, Debenhams and salons nationwide. Available from Debenhams and