Botanical In the Spotlight – Date Seed Oil

Date seed oil

Inci: Balanites roxburghii

This very nourishing plant yields fruit which is appreciated by children as well as being used for traditional medicine due to its anti cancer,  anti viral, cardio-protective and anti in-flammatory qualities.

The oils extracted from the seed or palm is rich in phytosterols which help maintain the skin’s elasticity.  Vitamin E present in this oil makes it highly  antioxidant  thus protects the skin against ageing. It is also well suited to acneic skin and skin with imperfections, due to the inclusion of essential fatty acids (over 40%) (omega-6) and Oleic Acid (omega-9). Due to it’s anti-radical action, Date seed oil protects against tissue degeneration and is photo protective due to high amounts of Vitamin C.

The oil itself is a dry oil, which means it quickly penetrates without leaving a greasy film on the skin making it suitable for all skin types and conditions.


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