Are all hand sanitisers the same?

The issue with alcohol and benzalkonium chloride is that these ingredients could be a dangerous poison especially for young children who may ingest the gel by licking it off their hands or eating it directly out of dispensers. 

Many hand sanitisers contain approx 62 percent ethyl alcohol while this alcohol is what gives the products their germ-busting power it also puts kids at risk of alcohol poisoning. We already know that kids usually put their hands in their mouth so having this high content of alcohol can be very dangerous to them. Even a small amount of alcohol from hand wash can cause disorientation, headaches, stomach aches and dizziness in a child.

Other than the potential harm to children alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very hard on skin. Alcohol is often used in industrial solvents because it does a good job of dissolving oil. While this is good in an industrial setting, it is bad for your skin. The presence of oil is necessary in maintaining soft, moist skin. Without the oil, your skin will become dry, chapped and probably itchy.

Alcohol based sanitizers are flammable, can irritate the skin, and have been found to be able to enter the bloodstream if significant amount is applied.  Benzalkonium chloride can also create allergy and asthma problems. 


So is there an ulternative to harsh effects of alcohol and benzalkonium chloride?


There is one brand – EnviroCare Earth – that cares for you and the environment its natural hand sanitizer Ready2go Foaming Hand Sanitiser with mandarin or unscented is citrus based and kills 99.99% bacteria, is alcohol free and non flammable and safe for all the family to use. The compactable 50ml bottle can be kept in your handbag, the car for a quick and easy way to wash hands when you aren’t close to tap and soap!


It also comes in a 300ml bottle that can be used at home, in the office or surgery.  It needs no rinsing after use and has been tested under TGA conditions and found to achieve 99.99% kill for e coli, staphylococcus aureus and listeria monocytogenes. It may take a bit longer to dry on your hands after application as it is not alcohol based but the benefits of not drying out your skin nor coming into contact with harsh alcohol based or benzalkonium based products is much kinder to your skin and safer to the environment or kids. For more information visit