Blemish Control Kit

Alcohol and harsh detergents such as SLS remove the skin’s natural protective oils and initially dry the skin. The skin counteracts this imbalance by producing more oil, thereby increasing the risk of acne.

3 Steps to Brighter, Clearer Skin
Blemish Control Kit contains 3 highly effective skin care essentials to target blemishes and breakouts. These ‘must have’ products effectively clear, refine and balance acne prone skin without drying or causing irritation. The skin is left clearer, brighter and radiant with the appearance of blemishes, pimples and enlarged pores visibly reduced. Fine lines appear smoother whilst breakouts are controlled.

The Blemish Control Kit includes:
Step 1. Cleanse 
Foaming Face Wash – 30ml
Gentle, soap-free cleansing which draws out impurities. Using Foaming Face Wash daily keeps skin clean without stripping its natural oils. This is a gentle, pH-balanced, soap free cleanser that rinses away daily residue, make-up and excess oil. Witch Hazel gently fights acne with its antioxidant and astringent properties and Green Tea calms sensitive and reactive skin, whilst Rose Geranium helps clear congested pores and balance the secretion of oil.

Step 2. Correct
Day Solution Moisturiser – 50ml
A daily moisturiser to balance and support healthy skin. Promoting a clear complexion, Day Solution is rich in Pineapple enzymes to help prevent a build-up of dead skin and also boasts Willow Bark, Prebiotics and Rose Geranium which support the skin, combat unwanted skin bacteria, balance oil levels and keep skin healthy.

Step 3. Banish
Blemish Banish – 10ml
A soothing concealer which calms, covers and clears blemishes. This tinted spot cover-up is rich in Bentonite clay to draw out impurities and deeply cleanse the skin. Redness is reduced and irritation minimised with Zinc oxide and Green Tea, whilst Vitamin E helps mend the skin in super quick time.

Blemish Control Kit – £24.95

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