Pregnancy Make-up from Green People

With pregnancy comes a new awareness of what goes on the skin. Women no longer only think of themselves but also of the life growing inside them. Add to this the fact that many women find themselves suddenly suffering with sensitivities to products they have been using for years – raging hormones and changes in the body mean new intolerances can occur. With up to 60% of what is put on the skin being absorbed into the blood stream, baby now gets a direct line to any chemical cosmetics too.


Skin-kind, Chemical free, Natural Make-Up 


Green People’s NEW natural and certified organic mineral make-up range is safe to use whilst pregnant and gentle enough for sensitive skin and those with allergies. Made with pure light reflecting minerals to even out skin pigmentation during pregnancy, minimise pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus naturally free from parabens, petrochemicals (mineral oils, silicones), talc, alcohol propylene glycol, PEG’s, carmine, mercury, phthalates, unnecessary bulking agents, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colourants.


This comprehensive range has all you need for a beautiful pregnancy:


Pressed Mineral Powder – £20.95 – Non pore-clogging and light reflecting for a naturally luminous and even complexion.  3 in 1 – the perfect foundation and finishing powder, with added SPF15. Talc-free, non-irritating and lightweight, it feels like your second skin! 


Mineral Powder Blush – £19.75 – These Mica-based, Talc-free blushes provide a sexy, subtle, natural colour regardless of your skin tone, feather-light for subtle or more intense layering.  These blushes do not clog your pores, allowing skin to breathe naturally.


Volumising Mascara – £14.75 – New natural cellulose micro spheres in this certified organic formula absorb product like tiny sponges for maximum volume. With added Vitamin E and precious plant oils to nourish lash roots, improve elasticity and condition, helping lashes to stay healthy and beautiful.


Multi Active Pencil Concealer – £14.00 – Use this multi actove pencil to hide dark circles and blemishes, ideal for covering up small imperfections like broken capillaries, veins and skin pigmentation from pregnancy. Simply draw over the flaw. say’s “If you’re looking to switch to makeup that won’t irritate their precious skin should baby brush up against your face, I’ve found a happy alternative: Green People’s Pressed Mineral Powders are free from chemicals and talc“.