London Clinic Combines Modern Medicine with Natural Botanical Remedies to Offer Revolutionary Psoriasis Treatment

A London based clinic is putting an end to psoriasis suffering through a unique fusion of modern medical knowledge and the natural botanical wonders of ancestral Chinese medicine. Located in the prestigious London district of Mayfair, the family run London Psoriasis Clinic offers premium holistic treatment which is backed by 25 years of clinically proven safety, effectiveness and the use of the highest quality medical equipment.


Unlike other skin care health centres, the London Psoriasis Clinic specialises exclusively in psoriasis treatment and the provision of a comprehensive and specially tailored care package. The treatment is both effective and affordable which makes it a truly life changing medical option for those who are burdened with the irritating and often painful skin condition.


Dr Yu, head doctor at the London Psoriasis Clinic says “Treating psoriasis patients is my passion. The difficulties and discomfort patients of psoriasis must endure through traditional western methods motivates my mission to work with botanical solutions.”


The clinic represents a long awaited solution for sufferers specifically of moderate to severe psoriasis that have found no antidote in conventional psoriasis treatments. The natural remedy eliminates the need for steroids, immune suppressants and harsh chemical treatments, instead replacing them with a fusion of modern medicine and traditional botanical formulas which uses ingredients sourced from the preserved natural forests of Xing’an in Manchuria and sacred Tibetan landscapes. Patients are treated from the inside out in a unique holistic formula that focusses on creating an inner balance as well as the application of topical skin treatments.


Dr Yu is the mastermind behind the innovative treatment which was born from a Chinese youth and adult life spent in London. Both of his parents are trained in western and Chinese medicine and instilled in him the belief that every human deserves the highest quality, long-term healthcare.

Yu says “Taking my inspiration from nature, with minimum alteration and interference and working alongside my family, I have combined original natural, botanical treatments with all the positive elements I’ve learned from my western medical training. This synergic approach to treating psoriasis is truly unique to my clinic and is not available anywhere else.”


Dr Yu brings an impressive array of qualifications to the table including an MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, a Bachelor of Surgery, an MSc in Translational Medicine-Clinical Trials and a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Yu is also a Member of the British Psoriasis Association and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. Patients enlisting the services of the London Psoriasis Clinic are supported on every step of their journey, from consultation to aftercare. The clinic has already helped hundreds of patients across the UK and Europe to overcome their seemingly incurable skin conditions.


Nick says “When I came across London Psoriasis Clinic, I’d already tried various psoriasis treatments, they either didn’t work or the result didn’t last very long. I thought I’d try for the last time to find a cure for my psoriasis. Now I am very glad I did. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, my psoriasis has been cleared for more than a year now, really pleased.”


The clinic is also launching an online shop where patients can purchase an array of handmade products that are 100% pure, natural and botanical. These include moisturisers, ointments, body cleansing bars, tinctures and bath salts.


To find out more about how the London Psoriasis Clinic can help treat cases of psoriasis, please visit