Pampering Preparation for Perfect Skin New Tan Erase and Oil Arganic from TanOrganic

The secret to securing a golden, streak-free tan lies in the preparation. Two new and invigorating products, TanOrganic’s Tan Erase and Oil Arganic offer skin the best foundation for a healthy radiance that lasts all year long.

Tan Erase is the ultimate exfoliator glove. It works by gently exfoliating the skin, removing dead and unnecessary layers of skin cells in order to leave users with a luxuriously soft and supple finish. This innovative reusable product also diminishes the need for messy wash-off exfoliators, saving time in the process.

By using Tan Erase once or twice a week, your skin will be left smooth and supple and ideal for a streak-free tan application. Skin will look healthy and feel great, giving users even more confidence after applying TanOrganic’s 100% natural Self Tan. Tan Erase combats signs of aging and renews skin, providing the body with a revitalised and freshly glowing appearance. By first using Tan Erase before applying self-tan, users can be assured of a flawless and professional looking radiance.

Oil Arganic works to provide soothing care for the skin, moisturising and nourishing as it glides over the area applied. To achieve a streak-free tan, hydrated skin is essential. Recently voted ‘Best Tan Preparation’ by the Sunday Independent (Ireland) user panel, Oil Arganic is a multi-purpose dry oil that works to restore the body’s natural vitality.

An organic and extremely beneficial oil, Oil Arganic can be used to achieve supple skin, lustrous hair, strong nails and even has the ability to help heal areas marked by scars and stretch marks. Rich in vital antioxidants, Oil Arganic prolongs a flawless tan with its unique blend of eight different plant oils. Fragranced subtly with a delicate rose scent, this fantastic oil ensures the perfect foundation for a flawless self-tan.

Absorbed instantly into the skin, body oils differ to traditional moisturisers as they contain no water. This means Oil Arganic leaves skin radiant and soft extremely fast and effectively, ensuring a hassle free preparation before applying self-tan.

Noelle O’Connor, creator of the TanOrganic range, appeared on Dragons Den in Ireland and was successful in getting investment backing for the range, commented, “Glowing self-tan requires a healthy skin foundation. Tan Erase and Oil Arganic are new and exciting options to treat your skin with before applying the self-tan itself.”

Oil Arganic and Tan Erase are also available in the brand’s travel pack. The Tan Bag is a fantastic option for taking on holiday, normally priced at £79.96 but available on special offer for only £39.99. Each bag contains 100ml TanOrganic Original, 100ml Oil Arganic, Tan Erase exfoliator & Luxury Tan Glove (RRP £7.99), all nestled in a stylish organic woven bag.

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TanOrganic Tan Erase costs £14.99.

TanOrganic Oil Arganic costs £24.99.