New Organic Hair Products From Gavin Taylor

Founded in 2006, Gavin Taylor Hair had an idea to make peoples’ lives easier.  By listening closely to his clients, Gavin was able to move the business into new directions.  “We care about people, consumers, suppliers and the products we create”.

Gavin Taylor Hair have created their own brand of shampoos and conditioners that are both organic, natural and contain no Sodium Lareth Sulfates (SLS) or Parabens

Gavin Taylor, a well known professional hairdresser based in Leicester, spent three painstaking years perfecting and producing his organic and chemical-free range 

He made it his mission to shun cancer-causing chemicals found in most shampoos and conditioners on the High Street.

Instead the 35-year-old relied on natural products including lavender, camomile, lemon and orange to nourish the hair.

Now the limited-edition hair products are in high demand as consumers take more notice of what their products are made of.

Gavin prides himself on producing shampoos and conditioners that contain no Sodium Lareth Sulfates (SLS) or Parabens. Through meticulous research, Gavin found that these chemicals actually cause dry, itchy scalps and greasy limp hair instead of curing it.


His exciting new range, which Tigon are pleased to endorse, provides both health benefits and a sense of well-being at the same time as caring for your hair. The range includes Lavender & Geranium which has an abundance of health benefits including enhanced blood circulation and anti-dandruff.


Other popular products are Camomile & Lemon for naturally oily or fine hair and Orange & Rosewood for naturally dry or coloured hair.

All Gavins products are available on the Tigon website at listed under skin care.