Moana Skincare – Clinical Skin Care Trials Prove Its Efficacy at Hydrating the Skin

Scientific research undertaken by New Zealand-based research company, AGRESEARCH has studied three of Moana’s primary skincare products and shown that they significantly increase levels of hydration in the skin, supporting the scientific study behind its bioactive wonder ingredient, glycans red seaweed extract.

Researchers looked at the effects of three of Moana’s top products including their Instant Lifting Mask and the combined effects of their Intensive Serum and Day Cream. Results showed that for all women involved in the trial their skin hydration levels were improved significantly more than when they were using no products. For the Instant Lifting Mask the same level of improved hydration was maintained for 60 hours after the last day’s application and the same for the Intensive Serum and Day Cream combination.

The trial was carried out with 12 healthy female volunteers between the ages of 43 and 74, with a mean average of 52 and none with reported existing skin conditions. The trial lasted 14 days and on all of those days the women using Moana products had statistically significant improved levels of hydration. Their skin hydration levels were measured scientifically using a Cerneometer before, after and during each day of the test.

Its great news for women who are looking for effective natural skincare products and who care equally about the quality of what goes on to their skin and the results they have. For the UK Moana can be purchased through The Natural Skincare Company (, an e-commerce site dedicated to completely natural and organic skincare.


More about Moana skincare
Moana Skincare is based in Auckland, New Zealand, with a widespread and popular presence throughout both Western and Eastern Europe, including the United Kingdom. The company produces a natural, certified organic organic skincare range of products based on next generation glycan skincare science, red seaweed extracts and the unique nature of New Zealand natural botanicals – including the Kawakawa and Harakeke (New Zealand flax).

 More about The Natural Skincare Company
The Natural Skin Care Company was set up in response to a growing desire from consumers to use natural products and to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. The company’s owner ensures that every single product is tested by their team before offering it to the market, in order to assess its quality and efficacy. They are committed to ethical standards and in promoting overall well-being. All types of personal care products are available to buy online, including skin care and organic make-up.