Middle Age Beauty

Machel Shull writes from the heart, sharing her own journey with great generosity. Anyone seeking health and inner peace will love this book. Luanne Rice #1 New York Times bestselling author of Little Night

Find out how to look fabulous during middle age without plastic surgery by learning inside secrets from a former model.

Features insightful interviews with experts on psychology, health and meditation. While sharing her own first-hand account of how she discovered these tips in her early days as a model in Los Angeles, Machel also shares her vulnerable moments as a woman. This book confronts the acceptance of face fillers and asks the reader to embrace their soul, health and beauty before using synthetic methods to alter their natural self.

 Also find out: Why Botox can actually accelerate aging – Why you should be cultivating new friendships – Why women make better leaders than men – Why you should never lie about your age – What is the one-dollar wrinkle reducer you need to be toting in your purse – And why you should never stop dreaming at any age.

Machel shares twenty years of her personal experience as a face model and actress for the foundation to these soulful secrets. Learn how to have more fun, develop new friendships and why you should think twice before leaving the house in your sweats ever again. Read this book to discover how to unlock the balance to health, soul and while embracing your own natural beauty.

Ms. Shull shares a wonderful personal account of maintaining a “natural” position of beauty.  In an age of new treatments, methods, and synthetics, she sticks to the basics of how using nature is perhaps the best way to preserve physical health and beauty allowing the individual more confidence in themselves. Dr. Keith Kanner, Host/Anchor,Your Family Matters Book & TV/Radio

Machel Shull is a columnist and writer in Southern California. She has written featured articles on health, travel, and fashion for luxury magazines and newspapers. She previously worked as a model and actress in Hollywood, which led to her discovery of meditation.

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