Cleverly designed Water filter saves lives in Africa

The Sawyer PointONE filter has been taken to remote village communities in Africa to provide clean water and prevent death from water-borne diseases.

Webuye, Kenya, is in a region that suffers particularly badly from the effects of poverty.  Residents here are using Sawyer filters to filter contaminated water from their self-dug boreholes. The city now features a 1000 litre tank with a Sawyer filter that supplies clean water to more than 100 families in the community.

Local Bishop Alex Wabwile who oversees 100 churches in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi said: “Before we received the Sawyer filters, five to six children would die every month due to water related diseases. Since receiving the filters the number of deaths has decreased significantly.”

The Sawyer water filters have been distributed to villages across Africa as well as Asia, South America and India by various organisations working with people living in poverty to develop healthier families and communities.

Philip Dean, director at Sawyer UK said: “It is amazing to see the changes being made in villages where families are no longer becoming ill from contaminated water and poor sanitation.

“The filter works by removing contaminating microorganisms from water which could make people seriously ill. The system uses technology derived from kidney dialysis and hollow fibre membranes are engineered to produce micropores in ‘Absolute’ microns, making it impossible for viruses and bacteria to pass through.

“It is such a lightweight, inexpensive system yet it lasts a lifetime and is making ground breaking changes across the globe”.

Sawyer are most well known in the UK for their Squeeze Water Filter, one of the most compact systems on the market, capable of fitting into a pocket and with a filter capable of lasting a lifetime, it’s used widely by international travellers and outdoor enthusiasts to ensure their drinking water is safe.


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