B_E_E Thoroughly Clean With B_E_E Range Of Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products From Planet Health

The range includes laundry liquid, laundry powder, delicate fabric wash, whitener, multi-surface cleaner and dishwash liquid. Every product uses natural yet powerful ingredients and recyclable packaging that conveys a lively, confident sense of fun. The brand essence and personality of B_E_E and its products reflect scientific integrity, humour and ethical commitment – traits that B_E_E_ founder, Brigid Hardy feels come naturally to New Zealanders.


The quirky, confident product names are as follows, with each product having a number of different labels available:


B_E_E Whitener product names:

  • I care about you baby
  • I’ll make it all white

(RRP £9.95)

B_E_E Laundry Powder product names:

  • I triumph over grime and evil
  • I’ll do your dirty work

(RRP £10.95)


B_E_E Multi-Surface Cleaner product names:

  • I love your every surface
  • I’ll make everything shine
  • I’m great all over the house

(RRP:Trigger £4.95, Refill £4.50)

B_E_E Laundry Liquid product names:

  • I’ll fight dirty darling
  • I’m one tough little squirt
  • I’ll be your sensitive brute

(RRP £4.95)


B_E_E  Delicate Fabric Wash product names:

  • I love what you’re wearing
  • Trust me with your delicates
  • I promise I’ll be gentle

(RRP £5.95)


B_E_E Dishwash Liquid product names:

  • Let me do your dishes
  • I feel good on your hands
  • I’ll give you some sparkle

(RRP £3.95)


B_E_E’s products have been independently tested and proven to outperform leading mainstream and eco brands. Essential oils and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients such as coconut and sugar ensure they are also gentle on skin.


B_E_E is the only range of cleaning products in New Zealand to have achieved Environmental Choice accreditation. This means they meet the most stringent global eco standards and are endorsed by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment.


Planet Health supplies around 350 natural health stores, pharmacies & premium department stores across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, preferring the careful selection of stockists to mass supply through mainstream channels.


B_E_E is distributed exclusively by Planet Health. Stockists include all Revital Health Stores, Olivers Wholefoods, The Haelan Centre, Coleraine Health Foods, Bran Tub Ltd, Bumblebee Natural Foods, Pastures New and   Wild Oats Wholefoods.  


Customers can also purchase products marketed by Planet Health through the company’s online store if a local retailer is not yet available.www.planethealthdirect.co.uk