50 Billion Disposable Coffee Cups Discarded Worldwide in Just a Year – 2.7 Million Per Day in Australia Alone

With 50 billion disposable coffee cups discarded worldwide per annum and 2.7 million thrown away per day in Australia alone, Two Hands Project, Take 3, Responsible Runners and Cheeki are urging Australian coffee chains and cafes to join their Reusable Cup Program initiative.


The campaign designed to reduce the excessive and unnecessary disposable coffee cup wastage by Australians, encourages consumers to purchase a Cheeki stainless steel coffee cup, enjoy their first coffee free and/or a discount on all of their future coffees at participating coffee chains and cafes.  The discount provided will be at the discretion of the retail outlet.     


“With billions of disposable cups land filled and polluting our environment it is time to redefine the way we enjoy our take-away coffee.  As well as reducing coffee cup pollution and waste, reusable cups can reduce your exposure to chemicals released from plastic liners in disposable cups.  I urge all coffee chains and cafes to get on board with this great initiative – not only for our environment but for the sake of our health” said Two Hands Project Founder, Paul Sharp. 


Cheeki was founded on the promise of a healthy, environmentally friendly, cost effective and fun alternative to our world’s harmful dependence on disposable water bottles and coffee cups. 


For stylish eco-friendly coffee on the go, the Cheeki coffee cup is made from Premium 304 Insulated Stainless Steel.  At 355ml, the Cheeki coffee cups are affordable and perfect for everyday use at Recommended Retail Price – $13.95 and are available at all leading retailers.  Cheeki also offers 350ml coffee mugs which are perfect to hand over to your local barista for your caffeine fix.  Double walled and made with Premium 3o4 Insulated Stainless Steel, these mugs feature a leak-proof lid making them the ideal reusable accessory at Recommended Retail Price – $19.95.    


*Cheeki’s range of products are completely BPA-free.  Bisphenol-A or BPA has been identified as a potential carcinogen that is found within many common household plastics including some baby and water bottles.  A chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, BPA has been linked to brain synapse, breast cancer as well as reproductive and developmental impairments.    


To be a part of this initiative, interested coffee chains and cafes can call Cheeki on 02 9939 1900.  All participating outlets will receive in-store marketing support.

Did You Know?

Paper cups are often impregnated with toxic dyes which make them difficult to recycle

The plastic lining in disposable paper cups means they are not recyclable

Biodegradation of a paper cup can take 50 years or more – it’s not just the cup and lid that go into landfill

Every paper cup that is manufactured and coated with plastic resin ends up in a landfill

Once in a landfill, the paper will begin to decompose – this process releases methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide[3]

Typical paper coffee cups aren’t made from recycled paper – instead, most cups are manufactured using 100% bleached virgin paperboard (trees)

Around 1 billion cups of takeaway coffee are produced in Australia each year – this equates to 7 million kg of solid waste in Australian landfills per year