Andable – The Online marketplace connecting you with independent merchants.

When you buy this oversized stonewashed jute bag, you help Ri to grow her business. 


Over at Miss Eco Glam, you’re used to coming across great products that are helping us buy better.  Andable takes this to a whole other level.


Launched in July 2012 out of Sydney, Andable is a global online marketplace for unique products from indie sellers.  Every product is a little bit FRESH (Fair trade principals, Reused, Eco-Friendly, Supports Local Business, or Handmade), letting you browse by what is important to you.  


Every time you buy, 10% of the sales price goes to fund a specific micro loan (or small business loan) to a person in need.  They partner with Kiva, a non profit that have made over 1 million micro loans as of this year, to facilitate the loan.  The cool part is that you get to see the specific person you are helping- like Ri from Cambodia who needed loan to for her fields.


Here’s the kicker: because it is a loan, it gets repaid, and Andable pays back the 10% to their sellers after three months.  Every time you buy on Andable, you support a small business both here and abroad, without anyone making a sacrifice.


“I was so interested in model where we could harness self-interest to create social change” says Rupal Ismin, founder of Andable.  And Ismin is on to something because the globally unique model has been getting a lot of attention.


Ismin was inspired by her grandfather who grew up dirt poor in India, literally without shoes on his feet.  Ever since he earned a dollar of income, he donated 10% to charity.  That 10% stuck in her head and motivated her to incorporate the social mission that empowers, rather than just aids, people who need a hand.


The marketplace has products like handmade wooden toys, bags made from upcycled saris, handmade steel-crafted rings, one-off pottery, and reusable coffee cups.  Check them out at