Sustainable Boats


It seems unfair that we should have to hurt mother Earth in order to enjoy her. Although humankind can no longer imagine its well being without technology which sometimes hurts Mother Nature, we still have some ways of giving back to it. 


Every day, new sustainable solutions are being crafted to resolve these kinds of issues. It in fact turns out that greener alternatives have existed all along. The boating community is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the beauty and preservation of the ocean and sky is integral to the joy of boating, so the demand for more sustainable boats has gained momentum. Here is an overview of the different kinds of boats available, and their respective emissions and environmental impact.  


Obviously the most energy efficient boats available are those that require no fuel, for example sailing boats. These boats require no energy to run, and emit no nasty emissions into the ocean and air. Additionally, if the cleaning products used on the boast are biodegradable it is another way of helping the nature out. 


While sailing yachts are often thought of as environmentally sound options, in truth, they are terrible abusers of natural resources. To build such a boat, requires a huge amount of plastic, steal and other synthetic products, and while sailing yachts aspire to rely less on motors, they often to resort to diesel engines for extra propulsion. This industry is definitely changing though, with new eco designs becoming available that harness wind and solar power and use hybrid electric-diesel motors that rely on similar technology to hybrid cars to run. 


Entirely electricity powered boats are a new development in the boating world. Electric boats offer boating enthusiasts to take to the seas without emitting any fumes, or oil at all. When recharged using sustainable means (like solar power), electric boats run almost entirely sustainably. The environmental cost of building such vessels is still significant, but the long term efficiency outweighs this. Electric boats are very low maintenance, quiet and allegedly inexpensive to run. The technology has improved in recent years also to ensure that these boats are as powerful and luxurious as their fuel powered contemporaries. 


As far as motorised boats are concerned, there are some boats that are more energy efficient than to run than others. Inflatable boats are the best option as far as motorized boats are concerned. Due to their lightweight nature, inflatable boats require less energy to run and thus emit less fuel. Also, less power is required to start inflatable boats and so less petrol is spewed into the oceans.


There are a number of external factors that influence a boat’s impact on the environment. It is always wise to consider what kind of chemicals you are using to clean your boat, and also be sure to take rags to clean up any oil or petrol spills. You can research other ways to minimise your boats impact online.