Green Deal Here for the Long Term Advise Experts

n the six months since its launch, the Green Deal project has racked up almost 40,000 energy saving assessments with many more predicted in the coming months. Having gone from a standing start to posting tens of thousands of completed assessments, Easy Green Deal is advising tradesmen that now is the time to get Green Deal Certified. The company, which helps businesses to become accredited to carry out energy saving works and initial assessments under the scheme, points out that the plan is a long term approach to the energy crisis.

The Deal was never intended as a quick and immediate means of making the country’s homes and businesses more energy friendly, a strategy which Green Deal Certified believes many have forgotten. Thomas Farquhar, Marketing Manager of Easy Green Deal said, “We will see an exponential growth in signups for the Green Deal scheme from the consumer as we see more Green Deal Assessors and installers become certified. They are an important part of the scheme and intrinsic to its success. We also need to remember that this is a big education programme for the consumer. Up until now the industry has focused on just one or two energy saving measures such as solar panels. Now we are presenting the consumer with up to 45 different options. As more people begin to understand this we will see a big uptake in signups.”

The government has set a Green Deal target of 14 million homes by 2020. It has also signed up to a carbon reduction commitment which is a legally binding pledge to restrict carbon emissions.

At just six months old, the Green Deal is now gearing up to increase the number of assessments and installations that can be completed in order to meet these challenges. Easy Green Deal also points out that rising energy costs make going green an attractive prospect for cash-strapped homeowners, leading the site to predict an imminent surge in demand for eco-friendly installations.


Mr Farquhar added, “If you measure the success of the Green Deal by usual business standards you have to accept that it is off to a tremendous start. Any new organisation dealing with 40,000 customers in just a half year of trading would likely be very pleased with progress and the Green Deal is no different. We expect this to grow exponentially over the coming months. Before incredible numbers of assessments and installations can be completed there has to be a corresponding number of Green Deal certified assessors and installers in place. For those who have not yet started the process to become Green Deal certified there really isn’t a better time. The scheme is at its grass roots level and if an objective study of the first six months’ numbers is anything to go by, it’s only going to grow from here. That makes the business potential of Green Deal certification incredibly lucrative.”

Businesses that want to become a Green Deal certified company can find out more and begin the accreditation process at