A Christmas tree like no other, made from forest-friendly timber


Imagine a Christmas tree like no other. A hand-crafted centrepiece built to last a lifetime, made from quality and forest friendly timber. The new British designed and made timbatree is a fun, stylish and ethical alternative to the traditional pine tree. This wooden Christmas tree can be part of your Christmas tradition year after year, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

timbatree is the idea and design of 34-year-old Surrey carpenter Joost Taylor. It is environmentally friendly as each tree is made entirely from FSC accredited redwood, and unlike the traditional tree you can tidy it away until next year. It is also good news for people suffering sensitivity to pine trees who would love to have a natural Christmas tree, rather than the plastic alternative.


No nails, screws or needles





“It doesn’t have the feel or look of a fake plastic tree – it truly is a beautiful ‘statement’ centrepiece,” says Joost, who started his passion for shaping wood at the age of 14. “As a carpenter I do not like to see any tree go to waste, so at timbatree we ensure all of our suppliers are FSC accredited and we take great interest in the communities that supply the timber.”

“There are no nails, screws or needles, just pure timber, and our trees can be put up quicker than you can carve the turkey,” adds Joost. “Kids will have endless fun decorating their timbatree and it’s much less fiddly for little hands because baubles and presents can be easily hung or placed on the branches. We also encourage people to dress their tree with their own unique and inspirational decorations – such as knitted baubles, pine cones, baked goodies, and handcrafted or family heirloom ornaments.”


Stores neatly away for next year

After the festivities, the timbatree can be taken down in minutes and stored away neatly in its compact, recycled box. No prickly pine needles embedded in your carpets to plague you until spring, nor in your car after the dreaded trip to the recycling centre. And next year your timbatree is ready to start off those wonderful Christmas merriments all over again, making it your new tradition, built to last.

Product information

Small Christmas Tree
The small tree is perfect for placing on a side table or dresser, or in your little one’s bedroom.
90 cm high X 70 cm diameter  £129.00 + delivery

Medium Christmas Tree
The medium tree is ideal for the apartment as it will fit snugly in the corner of your room, or on a side table.
120 cm high X 90 cm diameter   £159.00 + delivery

Large Christmas Tree
The big tree makes for a stunning centre piece in your living room, dining room, hall, or even the garden!
180 cm high X 110 cm diameter   £229.00 + delivery

Find out more and order online at www.timbatree.co.uk