The Bee: A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich

A natural history of the bahaviour & qualities of the bee.

The story of the bee begins an impressive 100 million years ago alongside the evolution of bright colourful flowers that they were able to feed on in exchange for their pollination services. 

Now, bees are found across the world, and the twenty thousand or so species display an amazing variety of behaviors. Bees are now so intertwined with humanity that ourinterest in them is no longer a simple fascination but a vital necessity. However, the challenges faced by today’s bees – from habitat loss to pesticides and deadly diseases – threaten not only the bees themselves but potentially all of human life.

So just how did this furry little workaholic come to be so crucial to the planet and how can we help them? The Bee: A Natural History answers these questions and many more, exploring the evolution, anatomy, society, behaviour and the human factor, and presenting a visual directory of 40 bee breeds. 

A beautifully produced 224 page hardback with arlin quarter-binding, The Bee is the book that will become a buzz word for every keeper, student or lover of bees. 

Noah Wilson-Rich is a full-time faculty member in the Biology Department of Simmons College, Boston. He is also the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Best Bees Company, which supplies gardeners and other interested parties in the Boston area with beehives and the resources, materials and consultation on their upkeep, and uses its profits to fund research into bee disease and immune function. In 2012 he gave the number one TED talk on bees, ‘Every City Needs Healthy Bees’.  

The Bee: A Natural History

Noah Wilson-Rich 

Available: September 2014

ISBN: 978-1-78240-107-0

RRP: £19.99