Ethical fashion: Organic jeans

In past years, ethical fashion was all too easily dismissed as itchy hemp items favoured by bohemian art students and free-minded travellers. Due to this alternative image, it was rarely adopted by mainstream or high-end fashion, however, the tides are turning and more brands are adopting an ethical stance to the design and manufacturing of their clothing.

Several influential designers have promoted the active respect of mother earth for quite some time. Stella McCartney is a pioneer of ethical fashion and has even created mock-leather footwear with biodegradable soles. People Tree – you can read an earlier post regarding their 2014 collection here, is one of earliest mainstream fashion outlets to adopt a green stance. And Blue Q not only create stunning items from 85 per cent recycled materials, but donate one per cent of their profits to The Nature Conservancy.

This ethical way of working has resulted in many other brands following the positive example, creating sustainable, organic and ethically conscious clothing that doesn’t look any different to regular, un-organic designs. This post is going to look at our everyday wardrobe-essential jeans and provide the very best in organic denim options.

1.     Nudie Jeans

Designed in Sweden and created in Italy using premium-quality organic denim, Nudie Jeans  (rrp £108.99) are cut into a classic styles that are made to flatter the wearer. Not only do they use organic cotton, but the spinning, dyeing and finishing are all done using eco-friendly processes. Available from Psyche, these men’s blue Hank Rey regular fit jeans are the perfect design for the ethically-conscious chap.


2.     Monkee Genes

The fresh and urban-inspired styles available from Monkee Genes are created using a 100 per cent organic, anti-sweatshop ethos. They’re offered in a range of styles, including the second skin skinnies that really flatter your curves.


3.     Toast

Available in a range of fits, not only are Toast jeans organic, but they come in biodegradable packaging. The company also operates impressive recycling and fair employment policies that make them an all-round caring brand.


4.     Howies

If you want lasting, durable denim in classic styles, Howie is a great place to pick-up both men’s and women’s jeans. You can also buy from them knowing that one per cent of their profits are donated to grass root charities. They also stock a range of hemp products – itch free for the everyday wearer and inner bohemian in us all.