Moon Manifestation eBook


My lovely friend, Sarah from Hooked on High Vibes  and Juice Rehab has written an awesome little ebook that you’ve got to check out!  It’s so unique and interesting!

Are you a believer into law of attraction and feel sensitive at certain times of the month (no, not to do with your periods, but with the actual moon?) For example do you find it a bit hard to sleep when there is a full moon? This is a well known phenomenon and a fascination, and respect towards the moon, has been around since time began.

Sarah has done loads of research into the cycles of the moon and also about the law of attraction.

This lovely ebook will help you learn all you need to know to take advantage of the moon cycles.




Your Moon Manifestation eBook includes:

  • Learn all about the magic of the moon, the why’s + how’s!
  • The 8 phase’s of the moon and how to align to them and start manifesting.
  • How to create a sacred space for manifestation
  • A full moon lunar calendar for the whole of 2015
  • A step by step Full Moon releasing ritual
  • A step by step New Moon receiving ritual
  • Learn how to cleanse your energy and your surroundings + bring in manifesting energy.
  • Learn how to set your intentions with the different moon cycles for manifestation.
  • A moon meditation
  • Tips on holding your own goddess moon circle for soul sisters
  • Moon manifesting affirmations and more!

Get the ebook here! 


A Little About Sarah:

I’m a modern healthy, happy hippy. In love with style, fashion, natural beauty and all things magically transformational. I’m all about the mind, body + soul balance.

I believe my journey has led me here, to my soul purpose and my service to you.

I’m also called Sarah, or Sar, or even Sarie.. It’s my absolute passion to help guide beautiful journeys after years of living & breathing my own transformational journey. I am a certified nutrition health & lifestyle coach, reiki master and I am totally hooked on the high vibes in life.

I’m a lover of self-empowerment & transformation and creating our most vibrant, powerful and limitless selves. I believe 100% in the self-discovery.

My passion is to help you feel lit up, mind, body & soul. Not one with the other. It doesn’t work. I’ve got that t-shirt too!

How I got here:

I was always the girl who felt a little too sensitive. Emotional.

An Introvert. Empath. Sensitive soul.

I was born with a deep knowing that I was here to share something, but not quite sure how to find it.

I strived for beauty & perfection, I was always so hard on myself and wondered why I had so much self-loathing going on inside.

I remember just going through the motions of life, trying to find that “thing” that would make me happier & fulfilled.

From my mid teens until the age of 23 I really struggled.

I didn’t like myself. So much self-doubt, no self worth or confidence, I was always trying to change myself.  My inner emotions & self-talk were very destructive. I used food to control; I was totally confused by life. I felt held back by my own thoughts. I felt overwhelmed, stuck in a life I didn’t know how to change. I isolated my self a lot.

My health was dragging me down, my energy was non-existent, and I had acne, digestive problems, endometriosis and depression. I felt like a total mess and very sorry for myself.

You could say a voice stepped in – my inner voice. The one that always encouraged me to keep going. My power. It just kept getting louder. It gave me hope. I was being encouraged to follow my heart & soul.

I knew deeply that there was another way – and my self-love & transformational journey truly started.

I started to truly connect with myself. I stopped focusing on things outside of myself; I knew the transformation would come from within.

I started to connect to the magic within. My inner voice. I started really listening carefully to it, using it as my compass.

I kept on going, knowing that I just had to trust & I would be led to the right places.

My path to health & happiness.

I jumped feet first into life, following the right vibes.

  • I started to peel off the layers that no longer served me.
  • Embraced all of myself & opened up to what I could learn.
  • I learnt that my emotions were a gift, a compass to my perfect life.
  • I opened my heart to new possibilities. To rebirth. To the real me.
  • I listened, and the voice inside of me became my guide.
  • I started to heal my body and totally embraced the power of food.
  • I cleansed my body & researched MANY different theories, and started healing from the inside out.
  • I did a raw food cleanse. I juice cleansed. I detoxed.
  • I immersed myself in all things balance & connection.
  • I meditated & found a new love of yoga.
  • I released past hurts, old wounds, my inner bully inside of me became quieter.
  • I learnt to face the fear and do it anyway
  • I got grateful. I got manifesting. I got connected.
  • I started to truly follow my heart & soul.
  • I healed my acne, ibs, depression, self-loathing & endometriosis.
  • I focused on my body’s messages & what it was teaching me.

My life changed from feeling like a victim to feeling totally self empowered, vibrant and knowing that I was fully in control of the life I wanted to create.

I found my strength, my true health & my inner self.

I did the work & I learnt so much along the way.

  • I became a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach & a Reiki Master.


I believe in the journey & the lessons it brings.


I finally felt like I was on my path! The true path for me. I was following my dreams and I had the confidence to listen to what I truly wanted.


Now I’m here:

It’s been quite a ride. I now guide, support & teach women to connect to their inner power,  true health + happiness.

  • To truly find and connect with their inner self and create a balanced life.
  • To connect and clearly see their inner beauty & clear any limiting beliefs.
  • To use the power of food to heal and feel vibrant & luminous.
  • To go confidently towards their goals and reach their highest potential.
  • To live a life they love, full of self love, health, peace and freedom.


I hold space with love in 1:1 sessions where I encourage trust, confidence and reaching transformational new levels in mind, body & spirit.

As a mind body soul, nutrition coach & spiritual teacher I am here for you.