Recognitions is one of those gem of a books that quickly draws you in from the very first page. Daniela I Norris is clearly a gifted author, her use of language is just beautiful and I loved that she is able to cleverly weave many fascinating characters and stories together in a way that envelopes you into the story line.

The topic of past lives is so interesting, and very current in our world today where many conscious people are seeking answers to their own lives.

Have we been here before and what could our connections with people today have with the past? I couldn’t put this book down and can’t wait for the sequel. Highly recommended

Anna Rodgers Author of Toxic World Toxic People 

Amelia Rothman, a foreign-rights editor from New York, has a turbulent personal life. She juggles a divorce and two teenage kids, and decides to seek hypnotherapy to help her deal with insomnia and anxieties. But when during the session an unexpected event emerges, she tries to understand how it is relevant to her current life and why it suddenly triggers a series of synchronicities that take her on an unexpected personal journey to the depth of her subconscious.

At once a spiritual and psychological novel, Recognitions explores the concepts of past lives, recognition of people and their roles in our present lives and life lessons.
Recognitions is the first of a trilogy: Recognitions, Premonitions and Transmissions

Think Cloud Atlas, a classic story of rebirth, many lives, and reincarnation on a level that involves protagonists in other lives – but take it a step further in Recognitions…a story that is quietly compelling: a moving saga highly recommended for any reader interested in predetermination, past lives, and how three disparate worlds weave together. Diane Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Daniela I. Norris writes in clean, sparse prose, so she is able to paint the picture of three lives on three different continents with distinct voices for each without ever resorting to gratuitous description. As a result, the book moves at a fast pace, but without feeling rushed or empty. And even though I wanted to know how it would play out, I didn’t skip a single word because every word was relevant in this engaging story.Readers’ Favorite

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Daniela I. Norris is a former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and speaker. Daniela lost her twenty-year-old brother in a drowning accident in May 2010 and that was when she embarked on a journey of learning and exploration and her writing shifted from political, to spiritual and inspirational. Daniela is the author of four books of non-fiction and short stories, Recognitions is her first novel.

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