Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go

Let it go, let it be, release, relax, stop worrying, chill. How often are you told this, or how often do you tell yourself this and in actuality fail to acheive any of these seemingly simple concepts?


Letting go of anything is exceptionally difficult in a society that impresses upon us the need to hoard, worry, over think, over plan and constantly speculate on the what ifs…


I wish sometimes I was born an Amazoninan Rainforester or some such similar existence. I wish that ambition would drift out of my head and let me be. I desire a life that is uncomplicated and simple, and yet day in day out I stuff my brain with thought toxins and ram my diary full to bursting. The thing is, I have been at this spiritual lark for a good few years now, and my brain is far less full than it used to be, and since getting knocked up, my diary too is emptying rapidly. Yet still, like many a good human before me, I fail to let it be, relax, chill, release and all that other good stuff.


But this is important. Releasing our lives to the universe, to the goddess almighty or to whatever powers you believe in, is vital to living a soulful life. We simply must give up the controlling aspects of existence that see us clamoring for a particular ending, a specific finale to our train of thoughts. Our thoughts will rarely create the existence we think that they will. This is where I and Cosmic Ordering and The Secret fall out of friendship. Because I know that you cannot concentrate on an exact outcome and receive it. Well you can, but in rigidly controlling what you receive through exacting thoughts, you may not get what you actually need. I believe it’s better to hold a hope, have faith in it and then accept what you are given. In accepting what you are given you trust that this gift is the right thing for you. No matter how much it isn’t what you thought it would be, it is right for you here and now.


We can practice release every single moment. Whenever your brain starts to toddle off down lanes of fantasy, then you simply have to stop that track of thinking. There is no point hiking up and down the paths of imagination when reality is a whole different colour. So instead, don’t entertain it. Relax, release, chill. Let it be.


Meditation is the ultimate in giving up and giving over. You don’t have to be good at it. You just have to do it, give it a try, don’t worry about the outcome. Just breathe and be still and actively stop those meandering thoughts. In meditation expect nothing and with practice you may find you receive more than you expect.


This week be inspired to let it go, let it go, let it go. Whatever it is that is stalking your thoughts right now, yes I’m talking to you, and you know what it is I refer to. Let it go. It doesn’t matter, it never did, and your thoughts do nothing but churn your emotions and delude you into thinking you can do something abut it. Trust, release, let it go…. Feel better already? Trust me you will.