Spiritually Coping with Stress and Low Times

All of us suffer at some stages of our day/week/month/life with stress, depression, upset and worry. As spiritually inclined beings this can make us feel all too human. Perhaps we may feel like we are failing in our spirituality by allowing the pain and upset to get to us. The things is though… we are human… pain is inevitable. Oftentimes the pain is part of the process.

As spiritual beings it is helpful to try to remember that the most painful things can, in time can be our biggest teachers.

The problem with this, is that this perspective often only comes after the fall, not during it. Whilst you are in a place of suffering, then all you can feel is the pain of it. We may forget our very basic spiritual learnings. Whilst on a normal day we are sunshine and light, in times of stress and distress we can allow our sad mental states to bring us down, make us grumpy, make us feel vexed, low, lonely and dispairing. This makes us feel even more like spiritual failures, let alone human failures! Again I can only stress that this pain is part of the spiritual process. Feeling human emotions, hurting, aching, crying and weeping are too part of that process. You are not any the less spiritual by allowing yourself to undergo the pain you are experiencing. Yes it hurts, yes it may alter your usual happy self, yes you may snap at the kids, but maybe just maybe, you will grow and learn.

Maybe sometimes to experience a little of the pain is part of the point of your life. To help get perspective on this maybe have a think back to a previous painful period of your life. At the time you felt heartache beyond measure. But now, with some perspective and distance I am sure you can see benefits that came out of that painful period. Had I not had a painful period I would never have moved and met my husband, had I not had another I would never have explored my spirituality and written a book. I am currently undergoing a painful period right now… what might it bring… I don’t know I’m pretty stressed out, but part of me is excited because I know things are in flux and change and that in the end all will be as it should be. Pain is painful, but it brings with it marvelous prospects, it is catalyst, it is life altering, in ten years time it might even make you laugh!

So how can spirituality help take us out of our pain and help us to see the bigger picture? Well talking from recent experience I find that spirituality can be a guiding light. If we have some faith in a bigger spiritual picture, then any suffering we experience can be framed by this. We can know that sometimes the ‘shit has to hit the fan’ to allow everything to fall into a better, more contrstuctive place. Sometimes all hell must break loose before heaven can settle back in. This can be a tough one to swallow, but if you keep that thought on the edge of your mind, and constantly repeat my favorite mantra’ everything happens for a reason’, this can actually give you the faith and strength to get through your current battles.

Meditation too can be of a great assistance too. When in times of stress we are liable to snap, overreact or do things we regret. Meditation helps bypass those reactions a little. It helps us gain a calmer mind. Helps us to remember who we are. We are not our stress, we are simply experiencing stress. Stress does not define us. Meditation, a few moments alone, a deep breath, a prayer to our gods and guides, can all help bring about the focus we need that can prevent us turning a bad situation worse. Give yourself a spiritual breather and feel your mind calm and budge just a little, and make way for a slightly calmer, slightly more spiritulised you!

Spirituality and faith can truly set your life apart, it can raise you a little bit above the low times, and give you hope to tramp through them. I hope this little blog will give any of you out there suffering a heads up on how and why it may not all be bad. As I mentioned I’ve been having a bit of a rough time, but I truly believe all things are happening for a reason, and that, my dearest soulies, makes it all worthwhile! Feel free to share your hints and tips for spiritualizing your stress here!

Alice Grist
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