His Holiness!

He manages to simplify things beautifully. His message was of course about compassion, love & forgiveness which are the basis of all religions, also about living from a place of peace, from a clear mind and open heart.

He reminds us that we each have the same potential to be good human beings, that the Buddha exists in all of us, it’s just a matter of clearing the darkness which blocks that goodness (but which has not permanently tainted us), of connecting with our delusions, realising that they are in fact delusions and then creating a positive outlook to replace those delusions. This cleansing brings about the state of ‘nothingness’.

He advised to think more about and connect to our inner values, to never give up hope when striving to honour those values, to work hard and stay calm… a happy life will then ensue. And to act only when beneficial to the welfare and wellbeing of all (this includes our own welfare and wellbeing).

A fully enlightened Buddha is a person always acting under the power of compassion, wishing to relieve all people from suffering.

On that note, I read a lovely verse tonight in Jack Kornfield’s little book,  Teachings of the Buddha


Developing Loving Kindness


Put away all hinderances, let your mind full of love pervade one quarter of the world, and so too the second quarter, and so the third, and so the fourth. And thus the whole wide world, above, below, around and everywhere, altogether continue to pervade with love-filled thought, abounding, sublime, beyond measure, free from hatred and ill will.


(adapted from DIGHA NIJAYA, translated by Maurice Walshe)