Book review: The Parable of His-Story

But it is all one story: the story of the dominance of the masculine.” The author cites the written word, agriculture, cities, private property, war, hereditary monarchy and a monotheistic (belief in one god) worldview among the forces that have shaped our world and, as he points out, so pervaded human culture that they’ve become synonymous with it in most minds. But what we consider to be eternal realities are in fact “temporary examples of a one-sided tale, repeatedly told to glorify the masculine, denigrate the feminine and affect all our ideas of life, from who rules the heavens to who does the cleaning.” Impeccably researched and beautifully written, the point of this book is, “to remind us that this last age has been a cultural creation and, as such, it has a beginning and will have an end.” But for the time being, writes Taylor, “Whether in terms of

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