The grief of transition, letting go… and the exciting newness it brings!

Energetically there’s change in the air. August included some tricky times for some (and it’s overspilling into September). All part of a year where so much has been stirred up in order to heal, so that we can move forward with less baggage and so that we can more fully engage with and live our individual purpose. If you’ve been struggling (and there are loads of tears), you’re not alone! It’s just the old griefs releasing.

Of course there’s the seasonal transition as well, from Summer to Autumn, although it’s not officially Autumn yet, we can feel it coming… the change of seasons is always a time of letting go, a time to review, release, de-tox, to prepare for the next phase and move forward. Autumn is all about going inward (but not too inward), knowing when to let go and about hope and inspiration. The organs which most relate to the season Autumn are the Lungs and Large Intestine… so its all about breathing in, breathing out and letting go.

For Londoners in particular we’re also letting go of the amazing Olympic month. The Olympics have bought so much light and positivity to London and to all who visited and watched. It’s exciting to think that everyone is now travelling home and taking that light around the world with them.


With change and letting go, there is always a little grief, even if it’s not conscious and the future feels exciting, letting go means leaving something behind and that can bring sadness (but it also makes space for exciting new bigger and better things). We might not be conscious of what the sadness is about, especially when letting go of really old stuff that’s been hidden for a long time often more than this lifetime. If there’s old grief that we haven’t completed and released and it’s causing a bit of a backlog then something like the change in seasons comes along and boof… Sorrow!

If you feel like the sadness is disproportionate, then there’s most likely a need for some healing. If the cause is something you’re conscious of or if you feel the grief is hovering on the surface, then maybe some still time and a willingness to release is all that’s needed. Connect with the sadness, acknowledge it, feel it and allow it to release (I imagine that release as a vapour rising from the body). Or you might need to seek help… sometimes things are buried deep and a helping hand can help to release that pocket of pain quickly and easily so that you don’t have to dredge and re-live it! That’s the beauty of healing and Homeopathy in my book… clearing is so much easier with those magical tools.

Breathe! Of course we all need to breathe but breathing in deeply (into the diaphragm) and breathing out completely helps so much in letting go and bringing inspiration. Breathe evenly (same time in and out) and If you feel you can’t breathe deeply (in or out) then there might be some emotional tension held, some grief or fears or some structural tension.

Autumn foods… it’s helpful at this time (and always) to avoid ‘dead’ foods which block-us-up (and in turn block the flow of letting go on all levels). So, less processed foods and bread. As in the summer season, fresh, live foods are best but as the weather changes it helps to include slightly more warming foods like ginger, or more cooked foods (but not exclusively and preferably lightly cooked). Warming herbal teas too… yum!

Meditation is a great way to let go. Don’t be thinking that you’ve failed if you meditate and your mind’s busy… contrare! The busy-ness is just the subconscious releasing, so it’s all good. Eventually the calm will come but the dross needs to clear first. I love doing Vedic meditation, it’s so easy!

Connect deeply with the new season. Spend time in nature, noticing the amazing changes bought about by the change in weather. When we connect with and move in unison with nature, there’s greater flow and acceptance. I received as gifts this week a beautiful bunch of autumnal coloured flowers and a lovely scarf in a deep autumnal red… both really helped me to connect with and enjoy the change in weather.

Ho’oponopono is also a great tool for letting go. It’s an ancient Hawaiian healing technique (as outlined in the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale) whereby we each take responsibility for our own part in an experience. By saying the mantra below to ourselves we acknowledge our part in the situation, own our reaction, forgive ourselves and release it. It’s a way of ‘cleaning’ and as a result, a sense of peace and purity comes and space is created for he new. Say it silently to yourself in any situation that upsets you, when any though come in that is upsetting or limiting, or even if you just have a busy mind.

“I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you!”

As I say ‘thank you’, I imagine the feeling, the problem or the situation being released and rising up.  It brings a lovely sense of relaxation, love and acceptance.

Happy transition, happy letting go, happy going inward and be sure to holler if you need any help!


“In the end, these things matter the most: How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

 “How deeply did you learn to let go?”