Is Sex the new Yoga?


In fact, Tantra (a form of yoga itself) is said to pre-date more physical forms of Yoga, like Hatha.  


Perhaps we can thank 50 Shades of Grey, or perhaps it’s just time, but in the past 12 months, there’s been a marked increase in the popularity on Tantra.  This interest is coming not just from those on ‘the fringe’ as Tantra has been typically associated, but interest from regular people, professional people, even people who’ve never done any yoga or meditation before.  


And with good reason too!  


If you’re in spiritual circles, its likely that you’ve heard of ‘Tantra’ or at least ‘tantric sex’.  But for many, the reply when the topic is raised becomes: “what’s that?”


Tantra is a form of Yoga.  As with any Yoga, our intention is ‘Union’ (the meaning of the word Yoga), with all that is.


The exact meaning of the word Tantra, like much of the origins of Tantra itself, is shrouded in mystery.  There are two meanings generally accepted: ‘to weave or ‘to expand and liberate’.


But what is Tantra?


Tantra is best known for its ‘sexual practices’.  Although Tantra is a lot more than sex – it can certainly lead to some of the most mind-blowing sex you could have.  


Tantra is also a philosophy, an art and a science.  


Unlike many (most) spiritual practices, Tantra believes that the path to Union/God is not by repression of the body and desires, but through them.  


In the practice of Tantra, we turn our sexual energy into love energy – the more sex energy we have, the more love energy we can create. 


We use sex as a pathway to enlightenment.  

Sex becomes our meditation.  It becomes our yoga.  


And what a fun way to practice yoga if you ask me!  


Here’s some of the benefits of a regular Tantra practice:


  • Like yoga, it tones muscles and burns calories.  
  • It can also help our flexibility!
  • It helps calm the mind, through breathing exercises, meditation and physical releases of hormones that it causes within the body.  
  • It helps us feel more loving and connected – to ourselves, our partner and the world around us.  
  • It makes us feel happier!
  • It’s good for heart health as it gets the heart rate up!