The rise of your feminine to dance with your masculine…

The feminine brings a deep knowing, a sweetness, a heart connection and powerful creativity. While the masculine brings drive, will and a do-ing energy. Together they’re a powerful team of knowing and taking action when the time’s right.

Unfortunately for a long time now, the feminine has in many individuals, in many societies, in many belief systems, been suppressed. And what results is a mass consciousness of masculine power, will and drive, but without that deep knowing and without the heart connection. We can see that all around us, in the news, as we go about our daily doings in the world.

Well, it’s all change at the moment. For so many there has been a rise of the feminine within of late, a lovely balancing with the masculine. For some it’s occurring gracefully, and for others that balancing is causing creaks, groans, pain, some emotional upheaval as things come up that need to be healed in order to bring that beautiful balance. I’ve experienced a wave of patients lately who have strong symptoms relating to or resulting from the imbalance within, of masculine and feminine energy, and that imbalance for them has become more and more obvious.

Basically this imbalance needs addressing, shifting, healing so that we can move forward. Our bodies and spirit and yelling… please address this stuff! The imbalance has come up for many to the point where it can’t be ignored, to the point where something has to be done. And it’s so worthwhile.

So how do we know when we’re out of balance? When we’re more our masculine or feminine are suppressed? Some  examples of symptoms or patterns which could reflect this are…

~ not knowing instinctively what to do and when, so putting energies into the wrong things (in hind-site). Of course sometimes we take the ‘wrong’ path to learn, but sometimes it’s just the wrong path!

~ being stuck in a rut and not knowing how to get out of it. For example doing work that doesn’t bring joy, and possibly not even realising it, being stuck in a habitual pattern that doesn’t serve and maybe not realising that.

~ having a super busy mind and not being able to truly relax and let go

~ having difficulty in saying no, even when you really want to!

~ having menstrual rhythms which are irregular or out of sync with the moon cycles. As a side note being controlled by the contraceptive pill means the feminine is being controlled

~ having sexual issues

~ having symptoms in the body which are all left or right sided

~ feeling frustrated because you’re not productive in the world, maybe aren’t being heard

~ having amazing instincts, a true feeling nature but without the drive to put any of those instincts into action

~ having residual issues with either our mother or father

There are so many more, but all you need to do really, is to listen. Listen to your body, listen to your emotions, just listen and the imbalances will show themselves. Then sit with those imbalances, really breathe deeply and let go, and seek help if needed. It might bring up some stuff… healing usually does but remember a problem shared :).