The Bible as Politics – The Rape Of Dinah and other stories

If you suspect the Biblical writers were onto something, but aren’t convinced by the sentimental religion-of-love talk you hear so much nowadays, then maybe you will find hope reading this book.
Did you know that the Creation Myths in the Bible were copied from earlier Mesopotamian myths? Or that the Moses story was based on a bloke called Sargon? Or that the story of Job is all to do with politics? Or that the two loaves, five fishes and the number 153 have symbolic meanings?
These are just a few of the issues addressed in this controversial book which is not for people who like their God as Indefinable Mystery.

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  • Jun 28, 2013. 978-1-23456-789-7.
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  • Jun 28, 2013. 978-1-78099-249-5.


  • Andrew Parker’s readings of familiar biblical texts as presenting a marginal, political, ideological Hebrew worldview, profoundly in opposition to the status quo (then and now both) is contentious, illuminating and genuinely challenging. He stimulates in his readers; dialogue and questioning, sometimes agreement and often fury, but always passionate engagement. This in itself makes this book worth reading. But it is, equally, a valuable discipline in struggling to SEE from a very different perspective than the one we usually allow ourselves when reading the Bible. Kathy Galloway ~ Kathy Galloway, former leader of the Iona Community, Head of Christian Aid, Scotland
  • In this book, to which he brings a life-time of study, Andrew Parker presents fascinating studies of key passages of the Bible. His is a radical work, investigating the consequences of his claim that the Bible is political rather than religious and, in particular, the role of ‘the marginalised’. Offering, as it does, such a challenging perspective because it is elaborated against the background of rigorous and meticulous scholarship, no-one seriously interested in the Bible can afford to ignore it. ~ Prof DWD Shaw, emeritus Professor of Divinity, University of St Andrews