Change takes time, and unhappiness is the time between what is now and what should be in the future. The frustrations, the effort, the trying, the disappointments, the successes, the failures – they are all the stuff of time.


And when the effort is over or exhausted, nothing has changed. You are still just as unhappy, from time to time, still wanting to change or wanting a change.

It is impossible to change your self. You can only be what you are. And you only can be what you are now – this moment. This alone involves no time. And being now, being a timeless action, is the end of unhappiness.


   When you are next unhappy ask yourself: Who’s unhappy?
   Whoever answers is an imposter.
   It is not I.
   For I am never unhappy.


Extract from the Barry Long book title:

‘The Way In’ (pp 202)                             GET YOUR COPY HERE

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