Use of humans by psychic forces is extremely common. Since the psyche pervades man’s brain and every cell of his body, these forces are able to invade the individual’s psychic space with imperceptible stealth. They enter from a man’s psychic double via any emotional abnormality.

   The presence of the psychic forces excites him; and the excitement enables them to take temporary (sometimes permanent) possession. In this way the energies receive the vital stimulation of experience – something that cannot be gained directly in the psychic world – without having the responsibility of existence. When the invading entity has had its fill and the passion or compulsion is exhausted, it vacates; leaving the person to face the consequences, usually in a devitalised state. A feeling of being cold or drained often follows.

   Just about every negative mood or feeling we experience can be attributed to this type of possession. One strategem of the energies is to induce and then attach themselves to thinking. Thoughts originate as single flash-frame images which are unavoidable. The danger arises when a single thought is allowed to run on by association – thinking. Invariably the thoughts focus on an emotional point in the past. The psychic forces wait on these thoughts, enter on the emotion and temporarily influence the moods, decisions and actions.

   The psychic energies also attach themselves to man’s fear of illness or death. When he is sick they make conditions worse by causing depression. They can attach themselves to natural and involuntary processes in the body, such as a woman’s period or the effects of ageing. In this way they can manifest as brooding or hysteria, or even paranoia.

   Over-indulgence in sex and other excessive sensual or emotional stimulation can provide the necessary catalyst for psychic forces. Any over-excitement in anticipation of even quite normal events (as often happens in children) can lead to temporary possession.

   The after-effects of possession are depression, self-pity, tearfulness, pessimism; being moody, demanding, or lethargic. These effects may not appear until a couple of days later, which shows the cunning of the psychic entities. The delay prevents the person from seeing that his depression is caused by his earlier thinking or excitement. If the person realised this it would undermine the entities’ parasitical existence. What I am saying is of course incredible. Everyone knows that thinking is natural and perfectly harmless. And that’s the lie.

   Protection against psychic invasion lies in resisting any thought that does not involve the intention of action. When action is the object, such as in preparing a plan and performing a task, man reasons from fact to fact and is not emotionally vulnerable. Any other thinking is discursive and carries the danger of psychic invasion.

Extract from the Barry Long book title:

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