The Truth Of Life On Earth


You are not going to like it because you already know this truth and have chosen to forget it. You are determined not to be reminded. So you are going to make excuses for not hearing it, for avoiding it and for continuing to forget it. Here it is:You have no right to be unhappy – ever.


But you think you have. So in your ignorance you live intimately and willingly with unhappiness; you have made a partner of it in your life. At any moment you are likely to be depressed, sullen, worried, resentful, frustrated, fretful, moody. No one can rely on you to be without unhappiness for long. It is closer and dearer to you than any man, woman or child in your life. So it regularly comes between you and others, plunging even your cherished relationships into discord and argument. Undeterred, however, you persist in living through your spiky, troublesome emotions, forcing those around you to love through them too, until it suits you to be agreeable and nice again . . . till the next time.The horror is, you believe that living this way is natural to life on earth. So you tolerate and excuse your sordid, unhappy moods. And by your example you infect the children with this terrible, unnatural disease. While throughout, you think you are lovable or that you deserve to be loved more. You are irresponsible. You dishonour life on earth. Because you love your unhappiness, and not life


Are you doubting this? Then let us test your integrity.


Next time you are moody, irritable, worried, sulkily silent, impatient or depressed, will you give it up immediately, now, and come to life? Or will you hold on grimly to this ugliness, your unhappiness? Will you defend it? Buckle down with true grit to your right to be unhappy? Fight for it? As perhaps you are inclined to do now? Anything you cling to with such devotion and loyalty you obviously love.


You have conveniently chosen to forget that your unhappiness is yours alone. You alone are responsible for it as your personal contribution to unhappiness on earth. It can be there in you only for as long as you are sufficiently selfish, immature and insensitive to put up with it. No one else can be rid of it for you. No one else wants your unhappiness, only you.


So why are you dishonest with yourself?Extract from the Barry Long book title:’Only Fear Dies’ (pp 27-28)