Welcome To Your New Life


That’s what I always say to new born babies…'”welcome to your new life”. And I say that to you right now as well, gosh, I’m saying it to myself!


We’re currently entering a totally new life, the energies of the planet have shifted and we’re being helped to adjust. We have been, are being, are soon to be reborn into that new energy…each in our own perfect time.

2014 is a 7 year of divinity and creation, and the Chinese sign of the wood horse. It’s a year of getting out there with enthusiasm, power and beauty. It’s a year of creation And that creation is happening in a whole new environment (new to us anyway).

Of course that new environment takes some getting used to. We’re calibrating to the new energies, and I don’t know about you but I’m sleeping, a lot!!! After a long deep night sleep, I wake, sleep again, wake, sleep again, then think surely that’s enough, start meditating and sleep again! And in the days I have to get up to do things, I find myself taking naps whenever I can…you know that feeling of being drawn to the pillow or sofa like a magnet if you as much as walk by?

This morning I was shown that I’m sleeping like a newborn baby. Of course, that makes total sense. Babies have to sleep! They’re recalibrating just like we are. They are downloading energies from the earth and from spirit, as they learn to be in their new bodies, their new environment And as they prepare for their new life. They just sleep, and sleep, they’ll sleep anywhere and in pretty much anyone’s arms. They have to sleep!

Prior to this pretty magical sleep phase, I had a restless sleep phase, I knew things were shifting, I could feel that my body on all levels was being worked on in the night, I just knew I was best to go with it. Some nights I had a couple of hours sleep and felt fine in the day. I could feel old, old, really old stuff come up to be cleared, old thought patterns, old beliefs, all stuff that didn’t serve, it was time to go. All so old, so last life!! It was all part of the clearing, shifting process leading up to the birth, and then to the big sleep.

No matter what phase you’re at… you might feel like nothing’s happening, you might be restless at night, you might be sleeping like a new born baby, or you might be well and truly out there and doing your thing in your new life. Whatever stage you’re at…

Welcome and enjoy, it’s going to be amazing, it is amazing!!!