12 Raw Valentine’s Day Treats

I am not going to lie.  For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about the sweets, or food of some sort.  I mean now as a food blogger, my life kind of revolves around food so it makes a little sense, but I had that feeling even when I was a kid.  Kind of silly and maybe a bit sad I know…but what can I say, I loved getting boxes of chocolates from my Grandma (because I was not one of those girls with a boyfriend when I was in elementary school) and little cards with candy taped to them from classmates, and going out for a heart shaped pizza with my parents.
When I was a bit older my Mom and I would always go out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  No, I did not have a boyfriend to give me flowers most of the time, and I could have cared less about the flowers.  Now that I have a boyfriend, I don’t expect flowers…but I do expect him to enjoy a bit of yummy valentine’s dessert with me.  Because you see, my ideal Valentine’s Day doesn’t involve going out for dinner, it involves staying in and having a home made dinner and some sort of fabulous dessert together and relaxing and having alone time. That is romantic.
I thought you might enjoy sharing some fabulous dessert with your loved ones too, so I have compiled a list of raw desserts.  Some are great for giving, more intimately like candy and some are wonderful to share like my raw strawberry tiramisu. Enjoy, and if nothing else, you get to enjoy a bit of raw vegan food porn.
Raw Chocolate Blood Orange Caramels 1