Help Purple Balance Reach All Corners Of The Globe

Purple Balance who make my favourite organic raw bars and protein powders is looking for help with their kick starter campaign. Their dream is to have their products in all corners of the world and that takes a lot of work and a lot of help. They don’t want big investors because it will mean that they probably won’t have much of a say with how the business is run because lets face it, thats a very common thing that happens – sell some of your company and its quickly changed, becoming someone else’s! And your vision of what you wanted and set out to do has all but vanished.

Frank and Christina don’t want to just have a successful business, they believe that their products can really change peoples lives.

So Frank and Christina are trying to do this on their own, or with help from people like us!

Check their campaign out here

If you donate money you won’t walk away empty handed either, you get to have some of their goodies! That might be sample packs of raw bars, or bigger packs, or sample packs of their amazing protein powders, so its supporting them whilst actually getting to try what they are making.

The raw bars are honestly the best on the planet so I am certainly going to be buying a few big boxes of them.

If you are into raw protein powders then look no further, these are awesome! High quality with incredible ingredients – all organic!

If you are going to support them please act fast!