Honestly Healthy For Life Cook Book


Wow. Thats the best word I can use to sum up this gem of a book. I love recipe books like most women love their shoes – fantastic food photos is my version of porn.  I just can’t get enough and get so inspired when I thumb through a gorgeous recipe book. It gets me drooling and dreaming.

When I was first flipping through this book, I literally kept saying ‘ahhhh’ and ‘wow’, and ‘oh my’ though-out. I then did a massive instagram session and took photos of some of the recipes I came across. I’m sure I annoyed some of my followers but I couldn’t help it, this book excites me!


I don’t think I own another recipe book that has impressed me as much as this one, purely because of its attention to detail and how big it is! This book is a whopping 273 pages and is quite heavy. There are so many chapters and sections and its full of well researched health advice. This really is one of those recipe books (like the first in this series) that can get your health and life on a fresh, new track.  I love it that much I have to give it one of my MissEcoGlam awards for best recipe book!


Honestly Healthy For Life, by Natasha Corrett and leading celebrity nutritionist Vicki Edgson have teamed up again to write book number 2 together. I have their first book Honestly Healthy which has been a firm favourite in my kitchen. But WOW this new book of theirs is just beautiful.


Sesame Burgers


The first 60 pages are dedicated to the alkaline way of eating – its very informative, you will learn why alkalinity is crucial to achieve health (and some say (not in this book) that in an alkaline body its impossible to have cancer) and it certainly helps reduce inflammation which is a massive problem in our population today.

There are handy charts to help you identify what foods are really alkaline, what are pretty alkaline, what aren’t really alkaline and what should be totally avoided. Its great to know what foods to eat more of and the foods to stay away from.


What is the Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline is all about the ph of food. The more alkaline it is, the easier it is to digest, as the food contains more enzymes which helps to break down the food. The alkaline diet can improve your mood, your skin, your immune system, your gut health and general well-being. If foods have more of an acidic ph, then these are the foods that can harm us and are best to avoid or eat really minimally. Its not too hard to understand really, too much acidic food can literally create a ‘burning’ effect in the gut – they just won’t be as soothing as alkaline foods can be.   I’ve learnt a lot from this book and since I suffer with gut issues myself, I know that I have to start and incorporate more alkaline foods.


Alkalinity Chart


I don’t know how Natasha can keep thinking of all these new recipes – she’s a culinary genius, truly! She must dream about food. I am flat out thinking of new things to think of each week but luckily now I have this fabulous book to get new ideas from.

The book has sections for normal meals, e.g drinks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts etc but there’s also ideas for kids birthday parties, a girls night in, a garden party, sunday nights at home (comfort food!) recipes for summer days, tea party plus even more.  There’s loads of recipes for dips, sauces, salad dressings, juices, smoothies, cakes, cookies, muffins. you name it, its in this book! Whats not in it are recipes with meat, sugar, wheat, and acidic stuff like them. So everything you make from this book is going to contain alkaline ingredients. Some recipes will be more alkaline than others but eating a diet from this recipe book means your diet is going to go up loads in alkalinity.

The photography and food styling inside this beautiful book is seriously gorgeous. Lisa Linder, is the very talented photographer who has joined the girls a second time around.


Spicy tofu skewers with a chilli pesto dip and courgette ‘spaghetti’


Check out some (this is a tiny section!) of the gorgeous recipes you will find in Honestly Healthy For Life:

raw hemp granola bars

poached egg and spinach on quinoa toast

nutty banana muffins

spinach and carrot muffins

chia seed porridge

baked spiced aubergine

roasted rainbow carrots

masala roasted veggies

bejewelled brussel spouts (yep even these look fab!)

curried sweet potato

grannies cheese souffles

mini sushi rolls

watermelon gazpacho

chestnut and apricot soup

carrot and caraway soup

raw green curry with courgette ‘noodles’

asparagus frittata

wild mushroom quinoa risotto

sienas spaghetti bolognaise

spinach pancakes with carrot puree

lemon risotto

peppered tofu BBQ Skewers

Lentil falafel with buckwheat flatbreads

crunchy toffee popcorn

oh heck this list is not even making a dent from all the ones in the book.  I’m just going to let you have a read yourself with this photo from the book:



I haven’t been able to show you as many pictures as I would like to, but it would really turn into an incredibly long post. I just hope you already get the idea that this is a truly fantastic book.  I don’t think anyone could ever get sick of using this book. Its simply too jam packed with many different recipes to get bored of anytime soon in this lifetime!

To purchase this book (and I promise, you won’t regret it if you do!) please click here: 

Natasha also runs a home delivery service where you can purchase her meals, snacks, juices and smoothies. Apparently Victoria Beckham, Millie McIntosh, Robbie Williams and loads of other celebs are fans!