Purearth Cleanse – Home Delivered Organic Juices and Nut Mylks

I’d heard from a trusted friend how fantastic  Purearth was – that it was no ordinary juicing company. So when I had the opportunity to try some of their drinks out, I of course couldn’t wait to try.

Purearth is run by two very conscious, gorgeous & inspirational ladies – Tenna and Angelina.

Tenna became interested in natural health ten years ago after being introduced to raw foods. After seeing the amazing changes raw food and juices can bring to people’s lives, she set about studying as much as she could about natural health and raw foods. Since she began her journey, Tenna has learnt from some of the best, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and Elwin Robinson.  With this training, Purearth has become more than a juice company.




9 pack juice and Mylk


Angelina’s own journey began after extensive travels through Asia where she too became fascinated by healthy foods, meditation and natural living.  Angelina used to own a busy modelling agency and as time went by she just realised her heart wasn’t in it.


Green Juice Blend


When Tenna and Angelina came back into contact, they decided to create their own company – a Juice & Smoothie company with a difference – it wouldn’t be just about making organic drinks but they would offer clients really amazing cleanses that could help with candida, hormones, fertility, pregnancy, being a new mum, liver function and boosting immunity.

With Tenna’s knowledge, the girls were able to create a really effective plans that can really ramp up peoples health.

With some of the programs you won’t just receive smoothies, juices and mylks you may receive booster shots, probiotic drinks, herbal teas, kefir drinks and epsom salt bath flakes.  Some of the cleanses even come with tongue scrapers, detoxing clays and enema kits. They’ve really thought of everything from cell health, nutrition, gut health, detoxing and hydration to healing.

They have all sorts of amazing programs to choose from.   You can do 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 5 day, 7 day or even a 14 day program! check out what is included here: 

With any of those programs you can choose ‘add on’s too.

I think their concept for new mums is such a great idea. It’s tough to make meals when you have a new baby, due to not sleeping, feeling so tired or being in pain from labour.  A home delivered pack of juices, milks, smoothies and probiotic drinks is genius! It will give you all the nutrition you and baby will need, and will be an absolute delight to consume.


Rose and Vanilla Almond Mylk


Having home delivered juices may seem to be quite expensive, and it’s true its not always cheap, however, even when I do my own juicing, I don’t tend to get much for my money, so I actually think Purearth programs are great value. I’ve tried making loads of juice myself and I end up using so much produce for not much that goes into my bottles.

Purearth uses lovely glass bottles too, ensuring that its the purest drink.  Having juice delivered in plastic bottles isn’t really a good idea because the citrus in the juices can cause the plastic to leech.


Lola loved the beetroot blend juice too


Early in the morning, courtesy of the postman I received – a still very cold – beautifully packed box with 9 Purearth drinks.

4 Beetroot juices

4 Green Juices

1 Vanilla and Rose Almond Mylk

Their almond milk – oh my god – was it a little bit of heaven in a bottle or what? Yes! I absolutely adored that drink. It had such a delicate taste of vanilla and a hint of rose, not too sweet but sweet enough for it to be delicious. The almonds gave it such a creamy taste.  Lola, my 3 year old loved this drink too. She pretty much had most of it.


Lola and the almond milk


The Beetroot blend had some red pepper, carrot, beets, apple, ginger, cucumber, lime and lemon. Highly alkalising and the detox and lemon adds a detox element to it too. Totally delicious!

The Green juice blend had spinach, chard, apple, cucumber, fennel, kale, parsley and lemon. You can’t really get a better green juice blend than this!  So hydrating and nourishing.

These sorts of drinks are also a great way to get more nutrition into children. Because they are not pasteurised, there is so much goodness inside these drinks.

I absolutely loved doing this one day cleanse. Each drink was a pure delight and I felt instantly hydrated and nourished. The body  loves this sort of nutrition.  I am reusing the cute glass bottles when I juice in my own home.

I really credit Purearth for inspiring me to add more juices and healthier drinks to my life. thank you ladies!


Beetroot Blend

If you want to check out the company in more detail please do so! www.purearth.co.uk

You might like to join their Facebook group where they often have discounted plans!


I also love their instagram too which is full of their lovely drinks, yummy food and other healthy things!