At Home In The Whole Food Kitchen – Celebrating The Art Of Eating Well – Amy Chaplin

A sophisticated vegetarian cookbook with everything you need to feel at home in the kitchen, cooking in the most nourishing and delicious ways. With her love of whole food and expertise as a chef, Amy Chaplin has written a book to entice everyone to eat well every meal, every day. She provides all the know-how for creating delicious, healthy dishes based on unprocessed, unrefined food – from the basics of good eating to preparing seasonal feasts all year round.

Part One lays the foundation: how best to stock your cupboard. Not simply a list of ingredients and equipment, it provides real working knowledge of how and why to use ingredients, plus an arsenal of simple recipes for daily nourishment.

Part two is a collection of recipes celebrating vegetarian cooking in its brightest, whole, most delectable form, with such vibrant dishes as black rice breakfast pudding with coconut and banana; fragrant aubergine curry with cardamom basmati rice, apricot chutney and lime raita; and honey vanilla bean ice cream with roasted plums and coconut crunch. Inspirational, healthy, sustainable and delicious – this is whole food cooking for everyone.


Do I have you drooling already at the sight of these stunning photographs? I bet I do! Looking through this book is super inspiring to get cooking with healthy whole foods straight away – just what we need for a brand new start to 2016.

This blog post includes a recipe from the book for these gorgeous muffins photographed below. The recipe is at the bottom of the post


black quinoa muffins

Amy Chaplin has a very impressive past, she grew up in rural Australia (this means in the country) with super health conscious vegetarian parents who produced lots of their own food in their back yard organic garden. This idyllic childhood meant that this lifestyle really rubbed off on Amy and her love of food only grew as she did. They even lived in a very ‘eco’ home, made with mud and bricks that was built around the kitchen – her family spent most of their time in it, cooking together and sharing meals. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it, and how many of us wish we could live our lives today.



Amy moved to the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Australia when she was in her late teens, and worked in a busy cafe where she learned a lot about how to make food. Amy then started travelling the world where she ended up in Amsterdam, working in a japanese macrobiotic restaurant, with this style of food deeply ingrained in many of her recipes. Amy was so passionate about food that she even spent her days off, concocting new plant based desserts and meals.  It was during this time that she began to learn more about pastry – something that she is very good with today!  Amy’s skills went from strength to strength and in no time she was responsible for meal planning and being in charge of the kitchen.



Amy also ended up living in London, where she founded a catering business based on vibrant, healthy food with lavish vegan and gluten free desserts.  Years later Amy moved to New York and it was there that she also started working at the famous Angelica Kitchen which is renowned to be one of the best vegan restaurants in NY.

Amy ended up being executive chef which meant that she was solely responsible for choosing all of the food on the menu. A big responsibility and privilege indeed.  She developed skills to incorporate sustainable foods and methods in a kitchen setting and this has become a passion of hers. She loves organic locally grown produce and is very aware of what pesticides and toxins can do to peoples health.

After she moved on from Angelica’s Kitchen, she became a personal chef for stars such as Natalie Portman.

AtHome_Spicy Chickpea Stew_image

Spicy Chickpea Stew

Amy’s beautiful recipe book At Home In The Whole Food Kitchen is a whooping 372 pages and is very heavy – this is a book for people who really love healthy vibrant food, or want to turn their unhealthy lifestyle upside down (in the very best way!) and have recipes that covers all of the meal times and every type of occasion. There are literally hundreds of recipes in this book, some are super simple, some are more complex, but even if you just like simple recipes there are loads for you to get stuck into. The photographs are truly spectacular in clarity and colour and make you wish you could click your fingers and the dish would appear  in front of your very eyes.

Amy also has a huge passion for herbal teas and she has included a section on this in her book. It also covers detoxing and cleansing.


Yes, its true if you don’t usually eat this way, you will have to spend a bit of money changing your food cupboard over, but you can also do this in baby steps, add a few new things to your shopping list each month.

You will learn a lot of tips from this book that will stay with you for life.

This is a truly stunning book! See below for link to be able to purchase this book

Check out these impressive reviews!

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen is a guide for both health and pleasure. From personal experience, I know that Amy’s cooking and recipes are exceptional–my whole family loves the meals I prepare using them. From chia pudding to butternut squash lasagna, Amy creates food that’s good for you and that you dream of having again and again.’

(Natalie Portman)

‘At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen is an inspiring book full of recipes that are both for our health and pleasure. Who says wholesome food can’t be beautiful, too? The food looks gorgeous! I look forward to using this book in my own kitchen.’

(Deborah Madison, author of Vegetable Literacy and The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone)

‘At Home in The Whole Food Kitchen features some of the finest plant-based recipes available, and presents a wealth of information on food, health and ingredients. This creative work, directly from the bright spirit of Amy Chaplin, encourages us to discover the healing value of preparing authentic food.’

(Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods)

“Inspirational, healthy, sustainable and delicious – this is whole food cooking for everyone.”

(A Glug of Oil blog)

“…another beauty that will sit on my cookery bookshelf and be lifted off to read and inspire me to stay on the healthy straight and narrow!”

(Lobster & Swan blog)

About the Author

AMY CHAPLIN has worked as a vegetarian chef for over twenty years. She is the former executive chef of New York’s renowned vegan restaurant Angelica Kitchen, a recipe developer, a teacher and a private chef whose clients include Natalie Portman and Liv Tyler. Amy, as well as her delicious vegan and vegetarian cuisine, has appeared in numerous publications, including Vogue, the Guardian, Natural Health magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Vegetarian Times, Martha Stewart Living and the Sydney Morning Herald. She is also a regular contributor to the Food Network’s HealthyEats blog. A native of Australia, over the last two decades Amy has worked as a chef in London, Amsterdam, Sydney and New York, where she currently lives. Find more of her original recipes at


Images and recipe extracted from At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin, photography by Johnny Miller. Published by Jacqui Small (£25)’

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