Raw Living Chocolate Crispy Cakes

Raw Chocolate Crispy Cakes!


These are little balls of happiness for those of us who still miss chocolate crispy cake. I can now indulge in a little bit of my childhood without the guilt.

Actually these remind me of refrigerator cake too, because the chocolate has an almost fudgey texture which contrasts delightfully with the crispy buckwheaties. They’re sweet without being cloying, and then you get a sudden hit of extra sweetness when you encounter one of the raisins embedded in there.

For me, these crispy cakes solve the problem of what to eat at about 7pm when I get the nibbles for something chocolatey. I don’t always care for raw chocolate in bar form, and find chocolate cake a bit heavy eaten late in the day. These hit the spot because I get the sweet chocolate hit without the heaviness.

Like most raw goodies, these have a high nutritional value too, as the chocolate gives me a dose of magnesium, there’s calcium in the carob and there are Omega 3s in the hemp. Cakes that are practically medicinal!

I wouldn’t eat them later than about 7pm though because they also give energy and I don’t want to be bouncing off the walls at bedtime. Nice for a mid-morning boost when lunch seems a long way off or when you have a huge ironing pile that makes you droop just looking at it.

Raw Living could deliver these with one of those calling cards with a man’s silhouette on it (though some readers probably won’t remember those old adverts) because this lady certainly loves…chocolate crispy cakes!

You can get some raw chocolate crispy cakes, and loads of other raw foods and superfoods, from Raw Living!

Written by Heather Jones.